Tekla Asia BIM Awards



We are truly excited to announce the winners of Asia BIM Awards 2016. Thanks to everyone who has submitted your entry and given our judges a challenging time during judging. The results were hard to conclude but here are this year's winners:


1st winner: Power House of Nam Nghiep 1 Hydro Power Project by Song da 5 Joint Stock Company - Vietnam (Industrial project category)

Nam Nghiep 1 truly exemplified the best of building information modelling technology. It underscored the creative ways the industry can begin to model and utilize BIM to innovate, collaborate and inspire. The hydropower plant faced numerous challenges such as mountainous topography which was onerous to model, the large number of component that go into constructing a hydropower plant, as well as the fact that this was the first time they had used Tekla software on such a large-scale hydropower plant. The Nam Nghiep 1 project won for its innovative use of Tekla software to address these challenges, using high level of detail (LOD) and accuracy the platform provided to process geometric data, minimize technical errors, as well as coordinate and collaborate among various teams within the project. On top of that, they managed to pre-empt safety issues by planning construction schedule ahead with the help of software.

2nd winner: West Super Block Project by Makati Development Corporation - Philippines (Commercial project category)

Second place winner, high-end commercial and retail complex West Super Block, faced challenges concerning Structural Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Sanitary (MEPFS) elements, which they used Tekla solutions to set out and visualize before construction. This greatly boosted productivity and cost savings, preventing rework during construction by allowing the team to visualize the utilities provision precisely.

3rd winner: The Gold View by Coteccons JSC - Vietnam (Commercial project category)

The Gold View Apartments, which placed third, initially worked with 2D models, and faced challenges switching to 3D modelling. However, the team concluded it was worth it as it greatly improved communication and collaboration, and enabled the team to reduce uncertainty and risks during the planning stage. By employing Tekla solutions, the team could also collaborate seamlessly, which in turn significantly increased productivity.

Student winner: Toraja Art & Convention Center by PNJ - Indonesia (Student project category)

The Toraja Art & Convention Center project from Indonesia garnered the highest number of public votes, at 1,646. Designed by a team of five students, the building was inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture. It was designed to hold conventions and exhibitions comprising up to 5,000 people. Tekla software enabled the team to depict the unique architecture of the Convention Centre with great detail; especially its most unique feature – the boat-shaped roof modelled after traditional Tongkonan houses.


Congratulations to all the winners! We will notify you separately on the prizes.

Again, thank you for your participation!

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