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Civil and structural engineers around the world rely on Tekla Tedds for fast and accurate calculations. With a quality assured library of multi-material code-compliant calculations, the powerful software gives you the flexibility to create custom calculations and elegant, engaging design documents.

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Why Tekla Tedds?

Benefits for civil and structural engineers

Engineer working with Tekla Tedds calculations in officeEngineer working with Tekla Tedds calculations in office
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Tekla Tedds is ideal for

Tekla Tedds frame analysis

Frame analysis

Easily define and analyze structural frames and present the results with professional, easy-to-understand documentation.

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Tekla Tedds beam & column design

Beam & column design

Maximize your design speed and reliability with beam & column design. The powerful tool automates repetitive calculations to support early design decisions.

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Tekla Tedds connection design

Connection design

Streamline code-compliant connection design for steel, precast concrete and timber structures with Tekla Tedds.

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Tekla Tedds foundation design

Foundation design

Improved quality and more efficient foundation designs move projects from planning to construction with incredible speed.

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Tekla Tedds structural load analysis

Structural load analysis

Address code-compliance challenges by automating the time-consuming and tedious load analysis.

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Tekla Tedds retaining walls & wall panels

Retaining walls & wall panels

Speed up your design with Tekla Tedds’ easily inspectable, quality assured library of multi-material code-compliant calculations.

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Tekla Tedds floors & roofs

Floors & roofs

Eliminate repetitive hand calculations in the design of slabs, stairs, joists and rafters, whether steel, concrete, precast or timber.

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Tekla Structural Designer LT for profitable analysis and design of small structures
Tekla analysis and design subscription plans for Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds
Tekla Tedds - forget hand calculations and spreadsheets

Learn how others have improved their business with Tekla Tedds

Leading design firms rely on Tekla Tedds for accurate structural calculations, streamlined design processes, improved consistency and more.

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