Automate engineering calculations with structural analysis software Tekla Tedds

For more than 20 years, Tekla Tedds has been the go-to document and design solution for engineers. This powerful, easy-to-use structural analysis software reduces repetitive hand calculations, and offers dependable multi-material element design because of its extensive, easy-to-inspect quality assured library of calculations.

Streamline workflows with easy-to-use structural analysis software

As a specialist solution for civil and structural engineers, structural analysis software Tekla Tedds has been designed by engineers for engineers. This is why engineers around the world rely on Tekla Tedds for fast and accurate civil and structural engineering calculations.

Tekla Tedds automates calculations, improving engineering productivity and quality by replacing tedious, time-consuming hand calculations. The software not only has a quality assured library of multi-material code compliant calculations, but also gives users the flexibility to create additional calculations and elegant, engaging design documents.


Forget time consuming hand calculations and spreadsheets.

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Key Benefits

Quality assured library

Tedds consistently and quickly delivers answers. You can avoid errors and streamline code compliant design delivery thanks to a quality assured library of regularly updated multi-material calculations.

Transparent Calculations

Tedds’ calculations are easily visible for rapid review and validation. Unlike hard-to-check spreadsheets, Tedds puts you in control with calculations that are easy to inspect and approve.

Professional Documentation

With Tedds’ desktop publishing features, engineers have the power to quickly create and customize content output for professional project documentation that’s consistently competitive.


With Tedds, you can

  • Quickly produce code compliant design
  • Easily create, save and share custom calculations
  • Enhance quality assurance
  • Improve documentation professionalism


Tedds Engineering Library contains 100’s of pre-written quality assured structural and civil engineering calculations that offer a standard for faster more reliable structural element design. Calculations are available in a range of international design codes: Eurocodes (Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia), USA, British Standards, Australian and Canadian design codes.

Tekla Tedds is ideal for

Top New Features



Precast concrete beam design Eurocode calculation



Precast concrete wall design Eurocode calculation



Precast concrete column design Eurocode calculation



Precast concrete stair design Eurocode calculation

Tedds - Santosh Abraham - MSCEB

We rely on Tedds every day to speed up our structural calculations. The clarity of Tedds’ calculations and quality of our generated documents helps speed up the review process. We’d recommend Tedds for every structural consultant.
Santosh Abraham