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Vinhomes Landmark 81 is situated in Tan Cang, the city's center, and adjacent to Vietnam's tallest building and Saigon's new symbol of prospertiy.  It will be the tallest in the Indochina Peninsula and the 14th tallest in the world where one can enjoy the tranquil panoramic river views. Inspired by the image of bamboo – a traditional plant symbolizing strength and unity, Landmark 81 is elegantly shaped to reach up to the vast blue sky, marking an era of prosperity and the people’s aspiration for greatness.  

With a height of over 460m, this will be the tallest building in Vietnam. The 81-storey development is located in Vinhomes Central Park - one of the most prime locations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Its frontage faces the beautiful Saigon River, and is conveniently connected via major road and water transportation. Featuring a modern and unusual architecture design that symbolizes the diversity and fast-emergence of Ho Chi Minh City, this mixed-use development involves space for hotel, serviced residential apartment and retail. At the base of this skyscraper is a sumptuous shopping centre featuring the finest retailers under one roof for a top-class shopping experience. The 241,000m2 development will also feature contemporary landscape design that merges natural beauty into this building. The construction of Vincom Landmark 81 is expected to be completed in 2018.

Types of Development:
+ (B1, F1, F2, F3): Commercial center, Cinema, Indoor skating rink.
+ 4th Floor: Club house area for residents including Pool, Gym, Spa. + 5th Floor: Five-star lounge and community center for residents.
+ 6th to 40th Floor: Luxury apartment with 1-4 bedrooms apartment.
+ 42nd to 76th Floor: Vinpearl five-star Hotel (42nd to 76th Floor).
+ 79th to 81st Floor    : Skydeck Observatory (79th to 81st Floor).
Coteccons is honor to be the first Vietnamese general contractor that has been finished this project with the 30 days ahead of agreed schedule from the basement to topping out of superstructure.

Challenges that Coteccons faced:

1.    We faced with the biggest mat footing ever which is over 16000 m3, 8.8 meter height at -18.0m from Level 1, massive rebar of top, bottom layer and H400 bracing systems. The project manager required to foresee the clashes of rebar with shoring/kingpost and the slope of foundation…from that we could discuss with client/designers in changing solution for constructability.
2.    It is the first time we deal with the composite structure which is the combination of density rebar and steel structure included shear stud and welded coupler. This is a complex connection is required a tool can generate the detail of each corner for the goal is to create 3D visualization of rebar/bolts and steel connection. It is also asked the precision in fabrication from factory or cutting rebar at site and step by step instruction for erecting.
3.    The last challenge is the method statement especially for the construction equipment like tower crane, falling protections, dropping for slab at over 20m soffit height and the assembly of spire at top roof. Based on these tough, we need a tool that can simulate and predict each step in installation, and attached to schedule so that we can recognize the risk and make many scenarios for eliminating before it will be built in reality.
Success factors:
Based on tough challenges mentioned before, we are fortunate to have the factors that make successful project.
1.    The consensus and cooperation of teamwork between all partners of the project (client, consultant, general contractor, sub contractor and designer).
2.    The management board has a strategic vision when using technology to apply BIM model, especially use the right BIM tool to deal with those challenges.

Tekla software is the most suitable choice for those conditions and we get some benefits:
1.    First thing first is 3D BIM model from Tekla brings the clear visualization, reducing the mistakes when constructing, aiding the communication between office and site transparently.
2.    Detailing rebar: flexible and exact dimension.
3.    The software enables user to create and manage 3D structural models for both steel and concrete, guides them through the process from concept to fabrication.
4.    Beside Tekla, we also use the Tekla BIMsight/Trimble connect which is a professional communication tool support us to improve effective collaboration in the entire construction workflow. It also allows us to combine models, checking clashes and share information by using the same easy – to – use 3D environmental, the result is the issues are solved already in the design phase. Moreover, our staff also use other software as Sketchup – for simulating 3D objects in method statement.


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1421 votes
Project time
45 days ahead
Cost of construction
USD 123 million
Construction workforce
2,500 workers
Safety Construction Hours
9,000,000 hours
2nd Runner Up