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Student design competitions in Russia and CIS

Every year there are quite a few design competitions organized all around the world in different countries for architectural and structural engineering students. This year Trimble Solutions Corporation, the Tekla product family developer, has been a partner in two student competitions in Russia and CIS.

Steel2Real in Russia

In the Spring, Steel2Real, the international competition of student projects in architectural and design solutions, supported by more than twenty leading universities in Russia, was very popular among the university students. In just three months 201 people from 36 Russian and foreign universities sent their applications for participation. 70 of them applied for Engineering and Design nomination.

On 18 May,  winners of the international competition Steel2Real in Russia were announced. Trimble Solutions has been supporting Steel2Real for the third consecutive year. Winners in the engineering design category received a special prize and certificates for "Tekla Structures: Basic Course" from our area office Trimble Tekla Russia & CIS.

Winners in engineering design category received a special prize and certificates for "Tekla Structures: Basic Course" from our area office Trimble Tekla Russia & CIS

Steel Freedom competition in Ukraine

The slogan of this competition is Feel Freedom in Architecture! There are two categories. The first one is to reconstruct a complex of buildings for a Class A office center in the historical part of Podol at the intersection of Bratskaya and Igorevskaya streets (Kiev) with an architectural monument. The second one is the creation of a concept of the public building project on the avenue Goloseevsky, 116 in Goloseevsky district, Kiev.

Trimble has supported the Steel Freedom student contest since 2015. Observing the dynamics of development, it is clear that the energy comes from the students and their desire to be better - to move forward. Trimble Solutions Russia & CIS together with the local representative in Ukraine - Arcada, follows the progress of the jubilee contest and we are ready to help all active students.

The Steel Freedom 2018 5th National Architectural Student Competition opened on 1 September and is currently rolling forward with all planned sessions. Open meetings with the representative of Trimble - Mr. Denis Kuptsov with students will take place on September 18, 19, in Lviv and on  21 in Dnepropetrovsk. In addition, an authorized reseller in Ukraine - the company Arcada will participate in open TEA MEETUP # 1 and # 2 in Kiev. During the meetings, more detail on how to start using Tekla Campus and how to use this tool to prepare projects will be demonstrated for participation in the Steel Freedom competition.

Those participating students who will follow criteria for selection of final works, as a design representation of the steel load-bearing structures of the frame with the help of the free Tekla Campus tool will receive prizes from Trimble. The information model of load-bearing frame structures made in Tekla Structures Learning helps students, both in conjunction with the architectural part and in making estimation.

Winners will be announced on 24 November 2018.

As an architectural or structural engineering student, it always brings value to actively participate in different kinds of design competitions targeted for students. Tekla Campus is here to help you reach the goal!