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Trimble signs cooperation agreements with Tekla Structures product-platform partners to advance new specialized construction applications

Tekla cooperation with ScaffPlan and Paramatic

Trimble Solutions has signed cooperation agreements with specialized building and construction companies to benefit the digitalization of their specific businesses as well as the construction industry at large. 

Construction companies engaged in software development have discovered Tekla Structures Open API's potential and use the platform as partners to build their own commercial products. ScaffPlan Pty Ltd and ParaMatic Developments Pty Ltd use Tekla Structures software as a platform to develop building information modeling solutions for scaffolding, industrial piping and cabling, respectively. Their representatives visited Trimble's offices in Espoo, Finland,  to sign cooperation agreements with Trimble Solutions.

"In addition to traditional construction industries, Tekla Structures is of use to new specialized industries with the help of software development partners," says Jari Heino, Vice President and General Manager of Trimble Solutions. "A large number of companies use the Tekla Structures Open API in a wide and diverse ecosystem of specialized solutions, proving that Tekla Structures is a product platform for commercially significant applications. Cooperation agreements with our partners help leverage the software's powerful features to specialized construction industries, such as scaffolding and industrial design."

"A powerful and extensive software platform is a competitive advantage to our partners, and adding Trimble’s years of expertise in software development and business to the equation in the form of a mentoring program and other activities, these agreements are bound to reward all signees. Innovative, commercializable software products built on top of the Tekla Structures product platform help digitalize the specialized industries of construction," says Heino.

“As a part of Trimble’s Partner Program, we have the opportunity to learn and be mentored by the best in the business,” says Simon Boyes, Founder and Managing Director of ScaffPlan. “Building design and analysis tools for the temporary works industry on top of Tekla Structures and linking with a range of other Trimble solutions has provided us with an industry solution rather than just a design platform and fast-tracked our growth. The solution not only assists in the design and engineering of temporary works but has revolutionized the way the industry works.”

“By utilizing the potential of Tekla Structures, we are able to develop various add-ons which will revolutionize the engineering of large industrial plants globally,” says Marhinus du Plessis, Managing Director of ParaMatic Developments.

“Large EPC and EPCM firms will not require multiple engineering platforms to execute the design of their industrial projects. Connect the model with the detailers using Tekla Model Sharing, and they can commence with the detailing of multiple disciplines without ever having to exchange 3D models by way of exporting from various platforms. Providing a true constructible building information model available to the entire project team streamlines the construction management, and connecting with Tekla Powerfab ensures that fabrication works are done seamlessly. Developing this partnership is a key part of the success of our products and services and gives software vendors like ourselves the opportunity to fast-track the deployment of our products.”

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About Scaffplan

ScaffPlan is a world-first intelligent scaffolding software bringing game-changing accuracy, safety & productivity to workplaces globally. Built by industry-leading scaffolders and structural engineers; ScaffPlan is designed to save time and money at every angle so workers can be more productive and businesses can thrive.

About ParaMatic Developments

Our mission is to streamline the delivery of accurate informative engineering data to the construction industry. We have adopted a One-Platform for all disciplines approach and integrate Tekla Structures with our very own ParaMatic Tekla Enhancements. We automate and speed up your plant layouts by integrating Tekla products with ParaMatic Developments to detail your projects – thus reducing cost, risk and time factors and helping you deliver projects faster and more cost-effectively.