Tekla BIM Awards 2019

Promote Your Work to the World

Local Tekla BIM Awards competitions will be held during the spring 2019. Stay tuned for more information, once the competitions open up for submissions. Tekla BIM Awards is for all types of projects - from simple to complex.


Regional Tekla BIM Awards are organized by Trimble offices and other Tekla software resellers worldwide.

Evaluation Criteria for the Projects

Projects will be evaluated based on following criteria:
► Use of BIM and collaboration: Model life cycle, collaboration between multiple participants and use of IFC and open BIM
► Innovative use of Tekla software: Challenges solved with Tekla and innovative ways of utilizing BIM
► Constructibility (Level of Development (LOD), multi-material aspect and complexity of geometry)
► Environmental benefits (Energy savings, waste, transportation)
► Cool Factor (Impressiveness and uniqueness of the project and creativity in execution of the project)


The winners of local Tekla BIM Awards 2019 and 2020 are eligible to enter the Tekla Global BIM Awards, the biennial global final, which will be held in the fall 2020. The prizes of the Global Tekla BIM Awards final are:
► The global overall winner will receive three-day tickets to Trimble Dimensions and an opportunity to present the winning project at the event
► The category winners will receive a professional AR/VR glasses

See some of the most inspiring projects in the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018

We have the winner!

Tekla Developer Awards 2019

The winner application is BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures by BIMcollab, congratulations!