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Digital transformation of construction in Azerbaijan with the support of Trimble

An International Conference on digitalization of all stages in construction has been held at the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AzMUU). The event was organized by our Trimble Russia office and its local partner in Azerbaijan, AZEL Systems.

The main focus of the conference was to discuss today’s problems in the construction industry, possible solutions utilized in existing projects, and using the latest technologies to provide an opening for growth. The conference also focused on Trimble’s Tekla product portfolio offering for civil and industrial construction.

In her opening remarks, Rector of the hosting university,  Professor Gulchohra Mammadova, highlighted the importance of the event and pointed out that today information technologies play an important role in daily life and, additionally, in all spheres of the country’s economy.

The rector addressed the increasing role of these technologies, which are increasing every year, and the need for students to master relevant technical skillsets. She also expressed her appreciation for forming a conference dedicated to the latest information technologies which will encourage students and teachers at the University.

Head of AZEL Systems, Mr. Igor Yakovenko, said AZEL, founded in 2013, is actively working on the integration of advanced technologies. AZEL Systems is the only authorized representative of Trimble products in Azerbaijan and is also a partner of world-renown companies such as Samsung and Autodesk.

Mr. Yakovenko praised companies in Azerbaijan who have achieved significant progress in the development and implementation of new technologies. “For example, Azfen company has implemented an important project that won international recognition, which was based on Tekla’s technology. Meanwhile, SOCAR Foster-Wheeler Engineering, which works on the reconstruction of the Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery, has carried out its work in accordance with the highest global standards. Azfen and SOCAR Foster-Wheeler Engineering are regional leaders in the use of advanced technologies.”

Mr. Yakovenko also mentioned that about 10 students of AzMUU every year work as interns in his company and receive relevant knowledge on advanced technologies. These interns are employed as qualified specialists in leading companies. He further added that in 2019 Trimble granted 46 Tekla software licenses to AzMUU through AZEL Systems. 

Commercial director of Trimble Russia & CIS countries, Denis Kuptsov, presented on the topic, “Worldwide trends in construction digitalization, BIM technologies, and Trimble Solutions” at the conference. Speaking about technical progress, Mr. Kuptsov noted that the trend is visible in all spheres including medicine, mechanical engineering, aircraft manufacturing, and the film industry. He pointed out that this is the first Trimble conference in Azerbaijan even though local companies have used Trimble’s solutions in their projects for a long time. “We are planning to open a dialogue with local specialists who understand the importance of the development of digital technologies and transition to them,” Mr. Kuptsov noted.

General manager of Azfen, Mr. Hamid Hasanov, presented the work his company doing within the oil and gas sector for over 22 years. He stressed that for oil and gas production, offshore or onshore, injecting water back to oil fields only happens with the use of advanced technologies. “Such work is done with a small number of engineering and technical personnel. Therefore, learning the advanced technologies of Tekla is very important today.”

General manager of the SOCAR Foster-Wheeler Engineering, Mr. Elmaddin Dadashov, showed that his company uses Tekla software to assemble metallic structures in 3D. In cooperation with local and foreign specialists, they use Tekla to design technological installations, working with local, Italian and Spanish companies.

Other presentations were about new projects and implementation case studies where Tekla Structures and Trimble SketchUp were used.

During the closing remarks, Denis Kuptsov presented certificates to the three companies in the presence of the University Rector, Professor Gulchohra Mammadova. They are:

  • Elmaddin Dadashov of SOCAR Foster-Wheeler Engineering - for his company achieving the highest results in the entire South Caucasus region in 2017 and 2018 in the implementation of Tekla technology
  • Hamid Huseynov of Azfen - for his company’s achievements in Tekla implementation in 2019
  • Igor Yakovenko of AZEL Systems - for becoming the best strategic partner for Trimble Tekla in the South Caucasus region in the past 3 years

On the second day of the conference, Tekla’s technical specialists conducted a practical master-class workshop on Tekla Structures. More than 50 students and teachers in the Faculty of Architecture and Construction from AzMUU attended the workshop and earned an official certificate for the training.

Image courtesy of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction