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New global partner: Circles Consulting expands consultation on the Trimble Connect Platform

A trusted partner will help our customers and partners develop their businesses globally using Trimble Connect: Circles Consulting Oy expands their consultation by creating applications and integrations on the platform.

Circles Consulting, aka “Circles,” co-creates digital services in cooperation with their customers. Based in Finland, the company specializes in innovating new solutions and solving difficult problems trusting the expertise of their senior consultants. Circles have worked with Trimble for a long time and helped develop the Trimble Connect platform. Cooperation with Trimble has since expanded to include our UK offices and customers wishing to integrate their services to Trimble Connect.

One of the company’s clients is One Click LCA which provides embodied carbon and life-cycle assessment tools for construction-sector businesses. They wanted to integrate these services into Trimble Connect.

“Circles helped us to plug into Trimble Connect to simplify BIM data sharing for our users and their stakeholders. With Circles, we managed to build the connection in a short time span while controlling the differences in BIM modeling practices. We're looking forward to continuing our cooperation,” says Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd.

“We have a long history of working with Circles on multiple projects. The collaboration has been smooth. The guys are solid professionals across the web stack and fit well in the team. Their contributions can be seen both in our early proof-of-concept prototypes and product features now released to our customers,” says Veni Lillkåll, Product Manager, Platform at Trimble Connect.

“The construction industry is on the verge of a massive digital transformation. Platforms such as Trimble Connect play a critical role in this change. As Trimble concentrates on creating a platform and universal collaboration tools to transform the way the world builds, it is essential to have trusted partners such as Circles to enable our customers and industry partners to fit the platform to their specific needs. We believe this type of partnership helps drive our industry forward,” says Jussi Ketoja, Business Development Manager at Trimble Connect.


“Calculating and minimizing construction’s environmental impact is the most important topic in our industry today and in the future. We are excited about this integration between One Click LCA and Trimble Connect to create easy ways to calculate and assess for the entire building life-cycle and provide insight regarding the construction industry’s sustainability,” Ketoja continues.

“Our ability to create integrations to the Trimble Connect platform is a way for us to create win-win-win relationships with our customers. Trimble’s platform has been extended with new functionality and customer services are integrated into the platform creating novel ways of working. We are looking forward to all the possibilities that the Trimble Connect platform creates for us and our customers’ businesses,” says Markus Säteri, Chief Sales Officer at Circles Consulting.

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