From scheme, all the way to detailed design, Tekla Structural Designer allows LeMessurier engineers to work from one single model for structural analysis and design, completing projects in a fraction of the time. The ability to do load take-downs with one model for both steel and concrete has been a time saver.

Pinnacle Engineering, Inc.

Whether working on large-scale or small-scale projects, Pinnacle’s engineers push the limits on structural design and rather than tell clients what isn’t possible, leverage the most innovative structural solutions available to turn design concepts into reality. This focus on cost-effective design and innovation is what led the firm to adopting Trimble’s Tekla Structural Designer.

Dimension Fabricators

Since opening its doors in 1984, Dimension Fabricators has never shied away from adopting and embracing new technology and sophisticated machinery. The company has played a role in some of the largest and most complex engineering projects on the eastern seaboard. And although it produces a seemingly endless variety of rebar constructs, standard rebar and wire products, Dimension Fabricators has earned a reputation as the fabricator of choice for difficult and challenging structural work.

Leigh & O'Kane

Because Tekla Structural Designer is full automated, engineers can easily create and compare a range of design schemes and determine the most cost effective material or solution for projects. This allows Leigh & O’Kane to bid projects more effectively, with minimal effort.


Tekla Structural Designer includes all the critical information needed to fully automate design to an engineer’s chosen building code so less time is spent processing analysis data.

Big-D Construction

Tekla Structures helps $600 million construction company win desirable projects through competitive, more accurate estimates, and successfully complete concrete jobs of all sizes with better project planning and improved jobsite efficiency.

Hollis + Miller

From seamless BIM integration to a quick comparison of design schemes and cost effective change management, Tekla Structural Designer has the all the features engineering businesses need to win more work, increase efficiently and maximize profits.


“At Martin/Martin we work on a variety of commercial projects and specialize in arena and stadium work, defensive design and construction services. To meet the requirements of such demanding and differing projects we historically used software packages from multiple vendors. This was difficult to manage as each software package had its own interface and approached engineering problems differently.