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Streamline Your Work with Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures, the most advanced structural BIM software, lets you create, combine, manage and share multi-material 3D models packed with valuable construction information. You can use Tekla Structures throughout every project, from conceptual planning to fabrication. You’re covered every step of the way, whether it’s construction, maintenance, design, detailing or information management.

All Your Structural Data in an Accurate 3D Model

Create accurate, information-rich 3D models with all the structural data you need to build and maintain any type of structure. Tekla models deliver LOD 500—the highest level of development possible—making them truly constructible.
As-built models with a High LOD minimize costly surprises and RFI's (requests for information) while resulting in more profitable projects.

You can also import, export, and link your data with other software solutions, digital construction tools and fabrication machinery for smoother workflows. Find out more about interoperability and our approach to Open BIM.

Tekla Structures is localized to fit your local construction industry standards. The software is available in 17 languages and has 32 environments with predefined region-specific settings and information. To make sure you’re off to a smooth start, we offer local support and training for every new customer.

It's Easy to Get Started with Tekla Structures

You'll need a license to use Tekla Structures. We have a variety of different licensing options to choose from. Whether you need Tekla Structures for business, education or partnership purposes, you're sure to find a license that suits your needs. Check licensing options


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Key Benefits:


  • Create constructible models up to LOD 500
  • Use a single tool for all types of materials and projects

Open Collaboration

  • Easily collaborate with every member of a project
  • Optimize model data for fabrication and construction
  • Link architectural, MEP and plant design software through IFC

Localized Software

Trimble Connect - Now Included with Tekla Maintenance

  • Open collaboration tool 
  • Share project data through the Trimble Cloud
  • Data and design context 

Tekla Structures is Ideal For

Top New Features

Easy to model complex platework with lofted plates and create unfolded single part drawings.

Better usability, control and productivity with rebar detailing enhancements.

Hollowcore detailing is more productive and flexible and less prone to errors.

Easy visualization and editing of drawing views.

Kari Turunen PTDC, TS product page

In practice, there have been no errors on elements fitting into place. Over 16,000 precast elements have been put into place flawlessly.
Kari Turunen
Vice President
Lujabetoni Oy

Trent Murray, TS product page

Tekla Structures has been valuable in every stage of the process, from estimating and sales through design, planning and project completion.
Trent Murray
Preconstruction Manager
Big-D Construction

Crystal Williamson, Intelligent Steel, TS product page

Thanks to Tekla Structures, we were able to improve the accuracy of the build and the speed of construction by allowing early access for first fix, while also reducing the amount of waste materials produced.
Crystal Williamson
Designer Manager
Intelligent Steel