Tekla Model Sharing - Now Remote Work Can Be Safe, Practical & Efficient

Bring People Together From Any Location With Ease

Tekla Model Sharing is a truly innovative BIM collaboration tool that can significantly increase the productivity of Tekla Structures users With it, teams can work on the same model at the same time, without interference.

Tekla Model Sharing is the only sharing technology that allows you to work without an internet connection, which is only needed when you need to sync changes. Tekla Model Sharing’s innovative and patented workflow only shares the changes made in the model, not the entire model. This way, even if there are interruptions in internet connections, everyone is still able to collaborate.

Tekla Model Sharing FREE Trial

It’s now possible to take a test drive of Tekla Model Sharing for free. The three month trial period includes ten free Tekla Model Sharing licenses, with no commitment to buy.

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Tekla Model Sharing Overview

The Trial is Globally Available

The trial campaign includes ten Tekla Model Sharing licenses for three months’ free use. The trial period ends after 90 days and does not bind you to any subscription. If you are happy with Tekla Model Sharing and would like to purchase it after the trial period, it will cost you $520 per year and per license. Just contact your local Tekla sales representative to buy.

Time is Money

Because Tekla Model Sharing only shares the changes made to your model, rather than the full model, the process moves much faster. Your team saves time every time someone syncs. Calculate the savings you can achieve with Tekla Model Sharing.


From Multi-User To Tekla Model Sharing

Are you familiar with working Tekla Structures in multi-user mode? Tekla Model Sharing has a unique, patented technology with many advantages over the existing multi-user mode available in Structures. Learn about the differences in detail


Benefits of Tekla Model Sharing:

  • Build teams easily and flexibly by bringing the right people together for the project, regardless of location
  • Fast and easy to start using
  • Low start-up costs
  • No additional hardware or software other than Tekla Structures

Oostingh - Oudhoorn - Model Sharing

Model Sharing means that your company has infinite engineering and modelling capabilities just one click away.
Kees Oudshoorn
Lead Engineer
Oostingh Staalbouw Katwijk

Improve Data Security When Working With 3rd Parties

We put a great deal of effort into ensuring Tekla Model Sharing's safety:

  • All data is secured using Microsoft Azure
  • You can manage access rights to the model
  • Subcontractors do not need to access your company network
  • Your own company admin manages Tekla Model Sharing projects according to your standards

Learn more about information security of Tekla products

Unique, Patented Workflow You Can Trust

Tekla Model Sharing allows each user to have a local version of a Tekla Structures model on a computer or on a network drive. You only share the changes, not the whole model, so the process moves much faster, saving valuable time for everyone. And because you only need to connect to the internet when sharing the changes you’re able to work offline most of the time.


Design process

“We can bring in as many people as needed to speed up designing process.”
Артурс Нейбургс
Head of R&D, Engineering Department
UPB Holding

Build the Dream Team 

When building a team, bringing the right people together matters. With Tekla Model Sharing, team members can work on the same project regardless of their location. BIM collaboration is possible within the same office or with subcontractors in another town. And if necessary, you can always add more people to the project.

With Tekla Model Sharing You Can:

  • Invite others to work with you on your Tekla Structures models
  • Join other team member’s shared models
  • Share the changes in models


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