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Tekla Model Sharing is the only construction sharing technology that allows you to create in the cloud and work predominantly offline. You only need to connect to the internet when you want to sync the changes, and you can choose to only share the changes made, instead of the entire model. Patented technology enables project team members to simultaneously work with a local copy of a Tekla Structures model.

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Why Tekla Model Sharing?

Detailer watching complex Tekla Structures model with laptopDetailer watching complex Tekla Structures model with laptop
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Improve data security when working with 3rd parties

We invest in ensuring Tekla Model Sharing's safety.

Tekla Model Sharing securityTekla Model Sharing security

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There’s no need to share the full model when you can just share your changes with your team. Speed up your project process by synchronizing quickly and start saving with Tekla Model Sharing today. 

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Tekla Model Sharing features

Tekla Model Sharing involves unique, patented technology that gives many advantages over the traditional collaboration methods.

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