Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing allows Tekla Structures project teams to work efficiently together regardless of their location or time zone.

Using Tekla Model Sharing, teams can collaborate on the same Tekla Structures project. The solution adapts to any Internet connection speed, and you can edit the model offline. Tekla Model Sharing enables you to flexibly manage teams, bringing together the right people for project success.

Tekla Model Sharing works for all sizes of projects, both online and offline. As the team can work effectively on one model without being situated in one office, the service allows you to balance the workload across teams and offices according to your resources and requirements. On the other hand, remote work becomes a practical option.  


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New era of collaboration - Tekla Model Sharing

Construction is collaboration. Lots of information needs to be shared and managed between many people. Tekla Model Sharing makes it easier than ever to collaborate on a single project, sharing the 3D modeling workload. The Tekla Structures model is always at your fingertips: anytime, anywhere and always up-to-date.

But why share just the model data when you can also share the work? With Tekla Model Sharing, everyone in the project can create and update information, not just access it. Many team members can work on the model simultaneously, regardless of their location or the speed of internet connection.

Collaboration has become smoother and faster.




Teams who use Tekla Model Sharing can work at the same time on the same model, but their work does not collide thanks to a clever way to sync the changes. Your team will save time every time someone syncs. Multiply that by the number of people involved life of a project and you will see that you are actually saving way more than you thought was possible. This new way of sharing the workload and sharing the model can make the whole project more efficient: Sharing model information is effortless and fast.

Much less waiting

“Multiple saved backup versions in the cloud have saved me many times from losing data.”
User Feedback


When building a team, bringing the right people together matters. With Tekla Model Sharing, your team members can share the project regardless of their location. BIM collaboration is practical inside the same office or with subcontractors in a neighboring town - whoever is required, wherever they are working. And if the things get busy, you can introduce new resources to your project.


Speed up the process

“We can bring in as many people as needed to speed up designing process.”
Arturs Neiburgs
Head of R&D, Engineering Department
UPB Holding


If you work online, you know that network connections are not always perfect. That does not have to stop you from collaborating. Tekla Model Sharing is the only sharing technology that lets you work without an Internet connection, which is only needed when you want to sync the changes.