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Integration and Digitalization of Precast Concrete Process: from Design to Construction

Yunwoo PCE adapts Tekla softwareYunwoo PCE was keen to adopt BIM to overcome the issues of existing 2D CAD design methods. Therefore in 2015, Yunwoo PCE chose Tekla Structures BIM software to speed up workflow, reduce errors and achieve smoother collaboration. Since then it has maximized its productivity and efficiency in many projects.

In particular, Yunwoo PCE aimed at minimizing human errors and achieving higher productivity while meeting Korea’s precast design requirements of detailed design, manufacturing and precast shop drawings. For this purpose, it developed custom Tekla Structures components that enable faster and more accurate work.

Accurate quotations increase success rate in bidding

In the bidding stage, a concept model is created with Tekla Structures to extract reliable quantities. The concept model is then used to visualize the proposed structural system to the client. Thanks to this model-based bidding process, Yunwoo PCE has been able to win more contracts. After receiving the order, the company utilizes the estimation model data to create a detailed model for shop drawings and improve successive workflow.

The biggest benefit of creating an estimation model - besides enabling value engineering and fast and accurate quantity take-off - comes from gaining mutual understanding and credibility with the client organizations. This has raised the Yunwoo PCE’s success rate in bidding and they plan to continue the practice to further improve their services.

Consistent and accurate data

Yunwoo PCE has developed custom components in Tekla Structures to create a model that meets the local standards. Component variables enable the modeling of precast element shapes, as well as number, size and location of rebar and embeds. Through developing custom components Yunwoo PCE has been able to speed up modeling and most of all maintain consistent quality across the teams.

Excellent productivity with error-free detailing

After modeling, the Tekla Cloning function is used to produce several shop drawings at once. Also, the amounts of concrete, rebar and embeds in the model is calculated automatically. Creating drawings and quantity take-offs accurately and rapidly has improved the company’s productivity significantly compared to previously used working methods.

A design team leader of Yunwoo PCE is satisfied with the improved usability and design quality:

“Work efficiency improved by about 50% compared to 2D, and design errors were reduced by almost 90%.”

Because of the nature of precast design, change requests are frequent. “With 2D design, in case we needed to change element design, we had to modify all related drawings and quantity tables one by one. With Tekla Structures, however, if elements change, all the information needed at factory and on site, including erection and shop drawings and quantity tables, is updated. This enables us to respond quickly even when there are frequent changes.”

Excellent visibility

Modeling with Tekla Structures enables visually checking details and interferences. Interfaces can also be checked automatically using Tekla’s Clash Check functionality. Visualization is one of the biggest advantages of BIM, helping to understand and judge accurately when reviewing designs with the people in charge at the factory and on site. In particular, dimension lines are shown on top of the model to figure out design information without having to look at drawings. Furthermore, the mobile version of Trimble Connect allows site inspections and checks in real time.

Contributing to smoother collaboration among the project parties

It is somewhat difficult to facilitate accurate communication among project participants with print drawings only. Therefore Yunwoo PCE extracts IFC data from Tekla Structures and utilizes a model viewer provided by Trimble. This enables smooth, model-based communication among the project participants.

Yunwoo PCE also minimizes potential errors by providing accurate model-based quantity take-off of each element in the factory. The take-off contains all relevant information, such as the shapes and quantities of rebar and embeds, for accurate planning of procurement and production.

IoT-based process management service

Yunwoo PCE utilizes custom components, drawings and reports to connect with real-time precast construction management systems. This enables designers, the precast factory and the construction site to share information and work more efficiently for 5D BIM.

RFID tags are attached to each precast element. When the elements go through readers installed on site and in the factory, information can be obtained as per lifecycle status, such as shipping and loading and installing of elements, and displayed in the model to monitor and manage in real time.

Linking zoning plans and schedules for each construction plan makes it easy to access, modify and manage them on site. This allows reviewing crane lifting range and equipment movements. The advantage of producers and constructors communicating based on the same data is smoother process management and construction cost management. Yunwoo PCE plans to further develop this service within the Trimble Connect cloud environment.

Expansion of BIM-based precast design

Yunwoo PCE’s BIM utilization is growing each year. Jong Min Lee, Chairman of Yunwoo PCE says: “We have established an effective process that can be applied to various projects through our continuous component development in Tekla Structures. We can also improve the quality of projects to increase the satisfaction levels of both our employees and our customers.”

Jong Min Lee, Chairman of Yunwoo PCE

“There is a noticeable demand for accurate models created in Tekla. Thanks to improved productivity and engineering capability we expect to conduct more projects in the future.”

“So far, our main projects using BIM have mostly been logistics warehouses or underground parking garages. However, we plan to expand using it to a variety of structures, such as residential, core and architectural precast. At Yunwoo PCE, we plan to further develop our process management solution based on the Trimble Connect cloud environment. By integrating and digitizing design, construction and manufacturing information, we will provide optimal BIM-based design and service quality.”

Company overview

Yunwoo PCE, a structural engineering and precast design company in South-Korea has during the last 20 years relentlessly strived to meet customers' diverse needs and deliver sustainable design by developing construction methods.

This article was published in CPi Worldwide magazine #6-2020.

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