The Complete Steel Fabrication Management Software Suite

The all new Tekla PowerFab is a comprehensive software suite that provides you with a systematic, collaborative approach to managing your fabrication. Developed specifically for steel fabricators, it delivers a smooth, continuous and real time flow of information throughout the project lifecycle. 

This software suite consists of four products to empower your entire workflow, giving you real time visibility to all your fabrication information:

Tekla EPM for all your production needs from estimating and purchasing to project management, inventory and production control.

Tekla EPM Go for real-time paperless production operations and visualization. 

Tekla Structures EPM Modeler version for model-based estimation workflow, scheduling, reports, construction sequencing and more.

Trimble Connect Business Preminum for viewing and real time visualization that can be shared with all project parties.


Key Benefits

  • Manage your entire fabrication process in one easy-to-use software suite
  • Enjoy easy operations and good usability that understands fabricator workflows
  • Achieve better productivity and reduce errors with real-time information
  • Visualize, communicate and share relevant information in your operations - including other project parties
  • Utilize powerful mobile tools for project and operations level productivity
  • Integrate with industry leading software and equipment


Contact your local sales team to learn how it best fits your purposes.

Tekla PowerFab is ideal for

Top New Features









TPF - Estimodeling - GMF

GMF Steel logo
On average, we used to bid a project every 10 days. Now, we’re bidding three projects each week." "Model-based estimating have not only increased the accuracy of our estimates, it’s also accelerated our workflow, which allows us to bid more projects.” “The confidence we’ve gained from Tekla PowerFab has a competitive advantage to win more bids.
Adam Norman
Managing Partner
GMF Industries

TPF - project management - M&N Structures

M&N Structures logo
Before, we used to run 15-20 projects per year Now we’re running 12-20 projects continuously. So, we are 2-3 times the overall capacity by the end of the calendar year.
Jonathan Henriksen
Director of Operations
M&N Structures

TPF - Production control - Bennett Steel

Bennett Steel logo
It used to take us a week to get organized with a new project for fabrication, now it’s maybe half a day. It's just made us more efficient here in the office in getting the information to our fabrication shop.
Matt Bennett
Vice President
Bennett Steel Inc.

TPF - production control - McCombs

Tekla EPM gives me thousands of reports that allow me to look at where we are in certain projects, and make adjustments to workflow. As a production manager to be able to access the model colorized helps me find issues before they happen.
Adam MacDonald
Production Manager
McCombs Steel

TPF - estimating - McCombs

Our estimates are much more consistent – we can bring in the newest estimator using the same labor codes as the most experienced used to have in his head, giving us confidence that our estimates are right, every time.
Ricky Horton
VP of Finance and Administration
McCombs Steel