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Comprehensive slab deflection calculations - part 1

This is the first of a two part series of webinars looking at the approach to rigorous slab deflection calculations now available in the 2018 release of Tekla Structural Designer.

In this webinar estimating long term deflections in slabs will be considered by Dr Stuart Gale who will discuss the need for sequential load analysis and estimating long term deflections in slabs.  Detail from TR58 will be introduced and the concept of events discussed, how every event should be considered in detail and how software can offer a robust solution. He will also consider the overall analysis process that determines total deflection at the end of each event and the associated data input.

Slab deflection is a complex subject and this series of two webinars aims to discuss much of the detail that lies behind the calculations and demonstrate how this has been automated in Tekla Structural Designer whilst retaining transparency to dig into the detail when required.