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Introduction to Footfall Assessment using Tekla Structural Designer: workflow and practical considerations

Human footfall is a major source of vibration in buildings. Assessing the impact is especially important for commercial spaces, such as offices, hospitals and laboratories that operate sensitive equipment. Tekla Structural Designer offers rigorous Footfall Analysis delivering more engineering functionality in one software to give you a competitive advantage.

Tekla Structural Designer allows comparison and reporting of different scenarios without needing to remodel the floor. This webinar presents the theoretical background and demonstrates the quick and easy workflow.

A structural engineer also needs transparency into how the assessment is performed so we discuss the practical considerations and settings for the footfall assessment as well as compare the design guides.

Structural design, analysis and BIM is an integrated automated process within Tekla Structural Designer, so engineers now work faster and achieve more. This powerful structural engineering software works with the collaboration platform Trimble Connect to offer a more productive engineering office workflow.

Watch the full webinar to learn about:

  • The theoretical background to footfall analysis
  • How to quickly and easily asses footfall using Tekla Structural Designer
  • How to control the settings, understand what they do and interpret the results
  • Comparison of the Design Guides

Content shortcuts:
0:00:00 Part 1: Simplified theoretical background
0:14:40 Part 2: Demonstration of the workflow
0:21:35 Part 3: Taking control (and understanding the detail)
0:46:07 Part 4: Comparing the Design Guides


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