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Better 3D Modeling Workflows for Engineers

Structural engineers can work smarter and more efficiently with the advantages offered by advanced 3D modeling software, which allows engineers to develop constructible BIM models of their designs, produce design documents from them, and improve the ability to coordinate with other project teams.

Watch this webinar to learn how Tekla software can help enhance the quality and efficiency of your engineering projects. We’ll be covering how multi-material modeling helps create a high level of detail, the benefits of advanced interoperability with other modeling programs and how coordination tools like model review and model sharing can speed up communication with contractors and other project teams.

Watch this webinar to see:

  • Modeling features that can help enhance your workflow and your deliverables
  • Examples of successful projects completed by engineering firms using advanced BIM techniques
  • How to improve coordination with contractors and other project teams through shared models

Speakers include: 


Daniel McPheron