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Hünnebeck publish BIM content for planning formwork systems with Tekla Structure

Hünnebeck, one of the leading manufacturers of formwork, scaffolding, and safety products, has published intelligent 3D components for their most popular wall and slab systems such as MANTO, RASTO-TAKKO, TOPMAX, and more in Tekla Warehouse. This allows Hünnebeck’s customers to use Tekla Structures for planning and managing formwork operations with Hünnebeck’s formwork systems.  

As innovative solution providers for concrete construction, Hünnebeck and Trimble enable their shared customers to work more efficiently than ever before. As a result of the joint development, a comprehensive range of Hünnebeck’s formwork systems can be taken into use in BIM-based planning and construction management operations with Tekla Structures by simply downloading the 3D components from Tekla Warehouse, Trimble’s structural BIM content service online.  

“Our powerful and intuitive formwork planning tools enable efficient creation of constructible formwork models, reports, and drawings. Now together with Hünnebeck’s Tekla Structures 3D library, creation of detailed formwork plans is faster and more flexible for our shared customers,” says Andy Dickey, Business Development Manager at Trimble.

“Availability of these accurate, data-rich 3D components from Hünnebeck significantly saves modeling time for clients using Hünnebeck’s systems. Information quality is greatly improved because the components are provided directly from the manufacturer which enables the utmost accuracy and efficiency for formwork planning, material takeoffs, and coordination.”

“Although the journey just began, the construction business is already benefitting from Building Information Modelling (BIM) in a lot of aspects,” says Thomas Jarzyna, Head of Engineering IT at Hünnebeck.

“BIM allows for increased efficiency in planning and design, helps to minimize costs and risk, and drives further collaboration with clients through transparent processes and workflows. Therefore, we at Hünnebeck embrace BIM, which helps us increase customer satisfaction with enhanced digital services and custom-tailored solutions. One example of this is having our products available for Trimble’s Tekla Structures.”

With Trimble’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) software Tekla Structures, concrete contractors can minimize risks, improve productivity and reduce construction costs by more accurate estimates and planning, efficient management of better quality information, and easier coordination and communication utilizing constructible models.

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