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Martin/Martin gains competitive edge with Tekla Tedds

Improving consistency and quality control with Tekla Tedds

Patrick McManus, Technical Director, explains how Martin/Martin saved time, improved consistency, and enhanced quality control by standardizing on structural calculation software, Tedds.

Martin/Martin improved consistency and quality control of their calculations with Tekla Tedds.

"At Martin/Martin, we work on a variety of commercial projects and specialize in arena and stadium work, defensive design, and construction services. To meet the requirements of such demanding and differing projects, we historically used software packages from multiple vendors. This was difficult to manage as each software package had its own interface and approached engineering problems differently.

No single engineer knew every product in-depth, which created problems with quality control, consistency, and it impacted project scheduling. What we really needed was a single software package that could reliably and accurately do everything we needed."

Extensive calculation library and great interoperability

Patrick McManus explains Martin/Martin’s decision to choose Tedds as their software: 

"Tedds was our ideal solution because it provided an extensive library of calculations and created transparent output with detailed equations. It also reduced the need to perform calculations by hand, which had been very time-consuming.

Tedds also offered us the capability to write our own calculations which has been invaluable. It works within the Microsoft Word interface, enabling us to develop custom tools that allow us to efficiently handle complicated problems that have not been well addressed by other software developers. This has given us a competitive advantage and we see great potential to take this further.”

"Since standardizing on Tedds we have decreased our number of vendors, which has saved time for our information technology teams and our engineers speak to fewer technical support teams.

Tedds is really easy to use, so it has become a staple tool for all our engineers, who now use the Tedds library daily for our quick component calculations.  We have also standardized our output which immediately improved our consistency and quality control.

Without Tedds, calculations would have taken considerably longer to develop and verify, with less transparent output. Tedds is flexible, it’s regularly updated and the size of the library means we can quickly respond to the changing needs of our clients."


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