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Grupo Cano boosts efficiency, control, and collaboration with Tekla software

Transition from 2D to 3D modeling boosts accuracy, collaboration for Grupo Cano.

Grupo Cano has seen numerous advantages from using Tekla software, including re-engineering their work processes, increasing fabrication capacity, and delivering with confidence. The software has helped them improve communication and collaboration, reduce planning time, and enhance transportation and logistics planning. Additionally, Grupo Cano has observed improved quality and efficiency, motivating them to continue using Tekla Products and explore new technology.

Grupo Cano is a company located in Mexico. The company has over 35 years of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing, and assembling steel structures and roofing membranes, with a monthly fabrication capacity of around 2000 tons. In Mexico, their work focuses on industrial and commercial construction and serves some government-related construction projects. In addition, they work as a third-party subcontractor for various projects in the US, primarily projects from the private sector. 

Winning the project with accurate quantities takes off

Their projects in Mexico are usually won by participating in a tender. Differently than in other markets such as the US, in Mexico, when starting a project, they get a catalog of the project, meaning the design concept is given. In this case, they need to check the quantities for bidding and ensure they have the fabrication capacity. If the projects come from the US, they created a material takeoff model using Tekla Structures. 

After the project is won, they have two main ways to kick it off. If the client designs the project, they use the model from the client's design. They check it and create a model to get the correct material orders. In other cases, the client requests the design from them. They have a design department working on this kind of project. They then start to create a conceptual model for structural analysis. This model is later complemented by using the Tekla Structures model. Thanks to the Tekla Open BIM approach, the communication back and forth between the analytical software and Tekla Structures works fluently. 

Sometimes, when the structures are very complex, it is more convenient to do the detailing on Tekla Structures and send it back to the analytical software. When the model is ready, they export it to Revit to deliver to the other entities involved in the project. Their primary model is made in Tekla Structures, as it is the most accurate and has the highest level of development LOD, says Martin Carmona, Project Manager & Innovation Specialist for Cano Estructuras. Cano Estructuras is a Mexican company part of Cano Group that began operations in 1989, in response to the need to satisfy the local and state steel construction market.

From 2D to truly constructible models

For Grupo Cano, it took a while to move from 2D to 3D. But, when they made the move, the benefits were evident as they stopped working based on information shown as "lines" and started to see their projects in three dimensions. They started using Tekla Structures in 2016, and the benefits have gone beyond seeing a 3D model. 

Grupo Cano Improved accuracy and collaboration with Tekla Structures

Using Tekla Structures and the Tekla model, they have improved their accuracy and collaboration with various stakeholders. Working together on a truly constructible model has enabled them to reduce errors and misunderstandings. In addition, the visibility capabilities of the model let them see the whole project and the specific parts and details of their company-specific tasks. 

Tekla Model Sharing has also played an essential role in their big projects, especially when working on projects where their teams and other companies and partners work in different locations. 

"BIM is becoming increasingly a standard in Mexico, so there is no way back to 2D"

Martin Carmona, Project Manager & Innovation Specialist for Cano Estructuras

Connecting design, budget fabrication, and bringing a better service to the people onsite

After mastering Tekla Structures, Grupo Cano also started to use Tekla PowerFab. They have used it for only a few months and have seen immediate benefits. Using various Tekla products has enabled them to re-engineer the way they work. Now, more than ever, they can deliver confidently and are sure what they can fabricate and when. The next goal is to increase the fabrication capacity, and they have reliable data to commit to work they can do without guesses or inaccurate estimations.

Their experience using Tekla Structures, Tekla Model Sharing, Trimble Connect, and Tekla PowerFab has been very fluent, and in a short time, they have achieved a lot of improvements. 

"Having the software from the same company guarantees they get all the information as the software communicates fluently. When importing information, it takes only seconds to get the info they need, and no data is lost"

Martin Carmona, Project Manager & Innovation Specialist for Cano Estructuras 

They feel they are in control of the process as a company, and they have been able to create solid processes. In the past, the control was in way too many hands; everyone owned a calculation or planning sheet here or a document there, but there needed to be a clear standardization of the information or the processes.

They have reduced the planning time significantly. The planning could have taken one or two weeks in the past, but now everything is done during the day.

"About 500% of the time used for planning has been reduced."

Martin Carmona, Project Manager & Innovation Specialist for Cano Estructuras.

All archives for CNC machines and automated machines were redrawn and not exported. Before, they had people working at night with the drawings so that the manufacturing work could begin early in the morning. Nowadays, that is not necessary. In addition, now it is possible to prioritize the CNC archives by priority. Then, they have a planning sequence when we get the cutting lists.

the benefits of using Tekla software go beyond the planning and fabrication processes

Carmona said that they have focused this year on improving the fabrication processes. However, he has already seen that the benefits of using Tekla software go beyond the planning and fabrication processes.

Bringing the model to the site has facilitated the communication between team parties and especially has enabled more clarity of the work onsite. Using a Tekla model is definitely better than giving information by phone. Less time is used on Request for Information (RFI) because they can see what is truly happening in the model and onsite. So, it is not about assumptions and imagination. If somebody onsite has questions or comments, they must share the model with the right people. Everyone is looking at the same view of the model; it is like it has almost been there.

Trimble Connect has enabled them to share information even with customers who are not yet using any BIM technology. Trimble Connect also breaks down communication barriers when working with customers and partners. It is beneficial when working with customers in the US when receiving RFI sometimes is not fully clear in an email or a text or in a flat image, so when sharing the model, they have a better view of the structures and a better understanding of it. Definitely better information. That reduces time and misunderstanding when working with engineers and general contractors. 

Excellent communication is crucial in projects where time and logistics are tight, so they don't have a place for warehousing components. Hence, the delivery of the right components and execution on the site needs to be fast and efficient. PowerFab has enabled them to plan better transportation and logistics. Simple things like planning transportation have become organized and more manageable. So, no half-empty trucks urgently deliver components as they have better visibility and control of all their projects. This makes them more efficient and helps them lower carbon emissions.   

PowerFab streamlines logistics for timely delivery, promoting efficient execution in time-critical projects.

Grupo Cano  has seen significant developments related to quality. Those resulted from many minor improvements related to the use of  Tekla software. This type of increase in efficiency has motivated the team to work with Tekla Products and the company to look for alternatives to develop their processes with new technology. 

"The more the benefits are seen, the more our people use the products enthusiastically."

Martin Carmona, Project Manager & Innovation Specialist for Cano Estructuras.

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