Tekla Developer Awards 2020


Tekla Developer Awards 2020 winner selected!

The jury has now selected the winner of Tekla Developer Awards 2020. The top prize goes to the Bolt Clearance Check developed by JMT Consultants. Congratulations!

In addition, Tekla users and developers around the world voted for their favorite Tekla application and ASK IDEA-Tekla Link got the most votes!

Thank you to all the participants and voters.

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Who can take part?

  • Tekla Developer Awards 2020 is open to all Tekla developers, whether customers or partners, across the globe.*
  • Also open to Tekla Campus students, universities and educational institutes!

Your application can be commercial, free, internal, build for a student project - anything is acceptable as long it utilizes Tekla APIs.  Trimble's people and resellers are excluded from the competition. 

* Except embargoed countries

You can use any Tekla software API

Your application can be implemented with 

  • Tekla Open API
  • Tekla EPM Open API
  • Trimble Connect API
  • Tekla Tedds API
  • Tekla Structural Designer Open API

Also, your application can utilize multiple Tekla APIs, or mix with other non-Tekla APIs!


Schedule of Tekla Developer Awards 2020

  • Submit your entry: by Friday 7th August 2020
  • Vote for your favorite application: starting at 24th August 2020
  • Winner announced: at the end of September 2020

How to enter

You can submit your entry by filling in a form here: submit your Tekla application

Here are the basic steps you will need to follow:

  1. Describe a real problem and how your application solves it.

  2. Provide images and a short YouTube video describing your app.

  3. Upload your app to Tekla Warehouse.

The application itself is an integral part of the entry. However, if you are not allowed distribute your app publicly for voters and jury to test, you can also provide only the video, images and other material describing your app.


How are the winners of Tekla Developer Awards decided?

There are two winners:

  • The winner of Tekla Developer Awards 2020 is decided by the jury. This year’s judges include:
    • Carlos Herrero, Software Engineer
    • Kim Nyberg, Technology Director
    • David Sanderson, A&D Product Manager
    • Chris Wilson, Director, Engineering & Construction
  • Besides that, the community votes for their favorite application.

Judging criteria of the jury

  • Innovativeness (is the app creative and unique)
  • Completeness of the app (production readiness and for example user interface design)
  • Usefulness (does the app solve a real problem that Tekla users have)
  • Tekla APIs usage (effective usage of Tekla APIs)
  • Openness (not required, but sharing the code provides the opportunity to everyone to view what you have done)

Note: Judging must be possible based on the information package provided, especially if you cannot distribute your app via Tekla Warehouse.



  • At the Tekla Developer Awards 2020 one winner or winning team will be selected by the jury. The winner will receive a Mavic Pro drone. 
  • The community starts voting on August 24th.  Tekla BIM Awards voting and prize draw closes on September 20th. The voters' prize is a Oura ring.

Submissions and winners

The winner of Tekla Developer Awards 2020, the winner of the voters' prize, and all competition submission are available on https://www.tekla.com/bim-awards/projects page.



Participants are encouraged to join the Tekla Developer Awards 2020 forum to ask about the competition, discuss ideas and find technical support.


Terms and Conditions

When submitting your entry or voting for your choice you are agreeing on the Terms and Conditions.



Here you will find the answers to most frequently asked questions.