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Staged Construction Analysis in Tekla Structural Designer

Structural Engineers can all appreciate the fact that not all forces and stiffnesses are in effect from day one - structures are built in stages and specific materials like concrete have time dependent factors. To help engineers better account for this fact, we have introduced Staged Construction Analysis (SCA) in Tekla Structural Designer (TSD). SCA is an exciting development that allows the analysis in TSD to recognize the changing state of a structure over time, which can potentially result in a more economical design.

While SCA might appear to be a complex process, the way it has been implemented in TSD makes it pretty simple to use: Engineers start by defining construction stages and their stage durations, after which they define a staged construction load combination and review modification factors. Designs are then carried out in a typical fashion, with all the same functionality to review design results, output calculations and display construction analysis results for various stages. Watch the short video above to see the new Staged Construction Analysis workflow in action and visit the New Staged Construction Analysis Release Notes for a comprehensive overview of this innovative feature.