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Masonry Wall Design in Tekla Structural Designer

The new Masonry Wall Design workflow now available in Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) 2024 addresses a highly requested feature, integrating masonry design seamlessly within TSD. This major enhancement enables structural engineers to conduct more comprehensive designs using a single model. By right-clicking any masonry wall or selection of masonry walls in the scene view and selecting "Design using Tekla Tedds," users are taken directly to the Tedds Masonry wall section design calculation interface, pre-populated with wall geometry and analysis data.

The process is simple: review the design, adjust inputs as needed, and click Finish to store results, including Pass/Fail Status and utilization ratios, within the model. These results can easily be interrogated within the Review View, as well as via the entity tooltip, significantly enhancing the design and review process. Watch the short video above to see the Masonry Wall Design workflow in action and visit the New Masonry Wall Design Release Notes for a comprehensive overview of this innovative feature.