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Introducing BCF Topics in Tekla Structures

This video introduces the new BCF Topics functionality in Tekla Structures 2024. Now, using the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF), you can communicate project-based issues between different BIM applications, such as Tekla Structures, Tekla PowerFab and Trimble Connect, as well as other 3rd party applications. BCF topics are stored and managed in a Trimble Connect project, enabling smoother BIM collaboration workflows. As a result, you can, for example, use BCF topics to communicate within your model directly to the fabricator who is using Tekla PowerFab. Use the links below to learn more about BCF and the Topics feature.  

  1. Trimble Connect: BCF Topics replace ToDos in Tekla Structures
  2. Tekla PowerFab - Model-based communication with BCF Topics
  3. Trimble Connect BCF Topics Overview
  4. BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) – An Introduction