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Thailand-based Engineering Firm Sees Quick Improvement with Tekla Structural Designer

As the building industry progressively moves towards Building Information Modelling (BIM), engineering firms of all sizes are now adopting design and analysis software that offers comprehensive and intelligent tools to support the conceptualization, planning, detailing, creating and guiding of their projects. In South East Asia, one such firm is Thailand based Stonehenge Co., Ltd (Stonehenge). Their adoption of Tekla Structural Designer has seen significant gains in efficiency, accuracy and collaboration.

Seamless Integration and Interoperability

In a single project, it is commonplace for engineers to multi-task between several different analysis and design software. As each building component requires different software, the various models produced from each software are then incorporated into a new Building Information Model  – a counterproductive process that may potentially introduce errors into the model.

This cumbersome process is mainly due to the lack of interoperability between software programs. Most software fails to deliver integration with others on a satisfactory level, making it difficult to transition a model from analysis and design software to a BIM platform and share it with other stakeholders of the project, defeating the purpose of a 3D model.

Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) was created specifically for structural engineers to maximize collaboration between project parties, including technicians, fabricators and architects. Its unique and effective interoperability function allows engineers to integrate the 3D design model seamlessly with Tekla Structures and other leading BIM software.

Integrated Single Model with User-Friendly Interface

After using multiple products, Engineering Design Manager of Stonehenge Mr. Somsak Seubsai found that no other software came close to Tekla Structural Designer’s seamless BIM integration. “So far, our projects using Tekla Structural Designer have integrated smoothly with other software, which helps speed up the project workflow, as well as reduce human errors,” said Mr. Seubsai.

Tekla Structural Designer’s seamless capability in handling both design and analysis is largely due to its single model concept – the same model from preliminary to detailed design through to construction – which means that the model only carries a single data set to cover your needs. This integrated model enables Tekla Structural Designer to deliver smooth BIM transition and improves collaboration across different project teams into a seamless and consolidated one.

Mr. Seubsai also found the integrated concept presents a smoother working process to achieving the final design solution: “Tekla Structural Designer eliminates the need to purchase additional modules and switch between software packages throughout the design stage, saving both cost and time.”

Manage Changes Easily

Effective change management is critical for staying on task and budget, especially on complex projects. Unlike traditional analysis software, Tekla Structural Designer allows users to create 3D, information-rich models that contain all the intelligence needed to fully automate the design and to manage project changes easily. Through this smart system, faster design times are achieved, in turn maximizing profitability and productivity of companies.

Transform Your Business

Although fairly new to Tekla Structural Designer, having used it for only six months, Mr. Seubsai’s experience has been positive so far. Stonehenge’s first project with Tekla Structural Designer is a 47-story reinforced concrete residential building at Bangkok, Thailand, where a team of Structural Designers and four Engineers took between two to three months to complete schematic and detailed design with modeling and BIM processes.

The team benefitted from Tekla Structural Designer’s automated wind loading that automatically calculates building wind loads and applies it to the 3D model, including lateral loading required by local building codes. The new Seismic Design Wizard also proved to be useful, as it helped the team confidently establish seismic forces on the structure quickly and easily, and design to local seismic requirements.

“Through this project, we achieved approximately 25% savings in time compared to other software. As we gain more experience with Tekla Structural Designer, the efficiency gains will be even higher,” noted Mr. Seubsai. “I believe that working with Tekla Structural Designer will steer our team towards a smarter and faster way of working, and bring us closer to a real BIM workflow.”

The Tekla Advantage: Comprehensive and Hands-on Technical Support

Tekla’s comprehensive technical support plays an important role in enhancing the overall Tekla experience as well, troubleshooting issues and providing guidance to users on how to improve their Tekla Structural Designer usage.

Aside from the local Tekla Structural Designer Clinics, users also have the option of watching Tekla’s online webinars from the comfort of their own home or workplace. These sessions provide users with short tutorials on how to optimize Tekla Structural Designer’s features for efficient results and tips and tricks for better modeling.

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