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3 Exciting New Features Now Available in Tekla PowerFab 2021i

Tekla’s commitment to innovation means our software is continuously developed by listening to the needs and concerns of our customers, which helps us make sure Tekla products are always optimized to the real-world needs of the industry.  With those needs in mind, here are just a few of the exciting features available in the newest version release of Tekla PowerFab.  

1. Plan and Organize Your Shipments With The New Shipping Calendar

Improve the way you plan and organize your shipments with new Shipping Calendar dashboards.. You can easily set your shipping schedule, including real-time progress and loading statuses, for every job you’re working on. 

The Shipping Calendar puts all of your shipments in a visual calendar view, where you can schedule, unschedule and organize them with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. The available coloring options (set by status, by destination and more) make it easy to see at a glance what the current shipping situation looks like and plan for future ones. 

2. Ensure Consistency in Traceability in Production Routing

We’ve added a new way to ensure correct routing by giving users the ability to prioritize stations expected to be completed before an assembly or part moves to the next Station for a given route.  

Also, with this feature operators at each station won’t be able to pull work orders for parts that should first go to another station. This prevents stations from being accidentally skipped and ensures better overall traceability.

3. Export CNC files And Drawings For Cut-To-Size Orders In Purchasing

When you’re sending a requisition or purchase Order to your supplier, it’s now possible to export CNC files and associated drawings as part of the package. We’ve learned our users find this especially useful for cut-to-size orders that are fully processed by the suppliers. 

For example, many fabricators fully subcontract the processing of their detailed material, such as connection plates and angles. Providing the CNC files and associated drawings with the purchase order eliminates a manual step for these fabricators.

There are plenty of new features we haven’t discussed here, like one-click access to material purchasing status, the ability to download DSTV+ nesting files and a nesting solution for creating splicing packages. Watch our informative webinar to learn more about all the features available in the latest Tekla PowerFab release.

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