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The New Customer Experience - Getting Started With Tekla Structures For Steel

If you've ever considered making the switch to Tekla Structures, there are likely quite a few questions on your mind. When working with new clients, we've heard several common concerns regarding onboarding new technology including the learning curve to pick up a new interface and the possible impact to existing workflows.

In this webinar, we’re joined by a new customer interested in sharing insights into what led them to make the change, and share their onboarding experience and the transition to a truly constructible 3D steel detailing software.

Watch this webinar to hear a new Tekla user discuss:

  • Reasons why they made the switch to Tekla Structures
  • Their initial experience when they began using the software
  • Specific benefits and savings that have been realized since their change
  • An overview of training offered to help get you started with Tekla Structures


Speakers include: 


David Hiddemen