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Episode 5: Advanced Construction Services [Full]

Arup discusses how they are tackling issues by providing truly constructible models, increasing the reliability and quality of information delivered to clients and reducing waste streams in design and construction through the delivery of a "One Stop Shop" construction model.


What you'll learn:

  • The engineer-led design and documentation process, powered by automation and enhanced by Trimble technology.
  • Tangible benefits delivered to all stakeholders from early design through to construction.
  • Using real-world project examples, learn the value of advanced construction services.

In this session, the Arup team will give insights into their data-driven innovative approach. Showcasing how they utilise Tekla Structures and digital process to address challenges in projects.

The Delivering differently series

We invite you behind the scenes to see Arup’s use of automation practices in some of their most innovative and challenging projects. Presented through a series of webinars, project engineers will unveil their unique approach to the continuous development of automation through knowledge and process, supported by Trimble technology.

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