Tekla Structures 3D BIM software

Tekla Structures is 3D Construction Modelling Software that works with all materials and the most complex structures – you set the limits. Our customers have used Tekla Structures to model stadiums, offshore structures, plants and factories, residential buildings, bridges and skyscrapers. 

Models created with Tekla BIM software contain accurate, reliable and detailed information needed for successful Building Information Modelling and construction execution. Tekla structures will improve the way you work in your own office and with your partners by creating more accurate ways of working and streamlining collaboration between all parties, at all stages of the construction project. 

An open approach to Building Information Modelling

Tekla is committed to BIM and understands how our customers work using BIM to improve the way they work on a daily basis, this is why we have an open approach to Building Information Modelling. Tekla Structures users can run other providers’ solutions and fabrication machinery and still interface easily with Tekla with Tekla Open API.

Help with implementation

Tekla staff and our resellers help with the implementation of the software. We work closely with our customers and offer local support, training and consultation. We constantly test and develop Tekla Structures and help you to get started with it.

One software solution, different configurations and environments

Tekla Structures is one software solution that has different configurations to match the different needs of our customers.

Tekla Structures has 30 localised environments and 14 user interface languages to make using and implementing the software easier around the world.

Key benefits

  • Create accurate, highly detailed constructible models.
  • Model in steel, concrete or any other material.
  • Collaborate and integrate thanks to open BIM approach.
  • Handle even the largest, most complex structures. 
  • Let information flow from design and detailing to the construction site. 
Rebars in Tekla BIM software
Tekla BIM software for industrial projects

AEC engineers designing commercial buildings

Using Tekla Structures, engineers can create a single building model in order to collaborate efficiently with architects, mechanical & electrical engineers, contractors and fabricators. You can automatically produce all structural documentation, including construction drawings, steel and reinforcement detailed drawings, reports and material schedules. By integrating the structural model with Tekla’s dedicated analysis & design solution, Tekla Structural Designer, or a range of other provider’s packages, you can increase efficiencies and avoid errors.

EPC & industrial engineers designing plant structures

Tekla Structures enables engineers to coordinate and deliver the structural design, fabrication, construction and maintenance of industrial facilities throughout their lifecycle.
Ensure accuracy by coordinating with leading plant design software and integrate with a wide range of structural analysis & design products. The highly detailed and constructible Tekla Structures models help you to deliver industrial projects on time and to the owners and operators’ specifications.

Drawings, reports and machinery

Tekla integrates with the most of major advanced production or resource planning and machine automation systems that fabricators of steel structures, precast concrete elements and rebar use.  Production information can automatically transfer from Tekla model to these systems and minimize manual work and errors. Drawings can be extracted from the model, and they update with the model. Additionally, you can use the model for material quantity take offs.  

To interface with a broader range of manufacturing machinery, Tekla uses different file formats. 

Smoother workflow

Tekla software allows effective information flow: Architects, engineers and contractors can share and coordinate project information. Tekla links with major AEC, MEP and with plant design software solutions thanks to open BIM approach and IFC compliancy. The software supports DGN and DWG. Tekla BIM software also integrates with industry leading construction management and analysis and design software.

The benefits of this open approach include better layout coordination and structural information that supports leaner construction. Users enjoy better productivity and less frustration. 

Tekla also links to project management applications that further help the users understand and visualize the true scope and context of schedule line items, material ordering, payment requests, and the objects that other project parties create. In addition, mapping critical components of project management information into corresponding intelligent model objects provides users the opportunity to create dashboard views of project status.

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