The schedule

The prizes

Winners of the UK Tekla Awards 2024 will win:

UK Tekla Awards trophyUK Tekla Awards trophy

The judging criteria

Projects are evaluated based on the following criteria

Use of BIM and collaboration

Model life cycle, collaboration between multiple participants, use of IFC files, other Trimble products and/or open BIM interoperability.

Innovative use of Tekla software

Challenges solved with Tekla and innovative ways of utilising BIM, perhaps a multi-material aspect or geometry complexity.

Have you used our Tekla Warehouse content?

Were the tools already available that helped with your project or did you write your own API to solve problems you were faced with?

Environmental benefits

Did your project factor in any specific energy savings, waste reduction, logistics or other sustainability factors?

Cool factor

Impressiveness, uniqueness, and creativity of project execution.