The UK Tekla Awards create an opportunity to showcase your work, publicise your company and acknowledge and reward the hard work of the project team. Projects of all sizes, complexity and that demonstrate collaboration and innovation are welcome.

The awards celebrate the success of projects modelled using Tekla software in the UK and Ireland. Promote your work to the world.


The program of local and global Tekla Awards has been running for many years to recognise the hard work, innovation and pride that Tekla customers put into their work. This year we have included a new award category for users of Tekla Structural Designer.

The UK Tekla Awards 2019 winners will progress to the Global Tekla BIM Awards 2020*.

*The Tekla Structural Designer Award is UK and Ireland only.


Each year the winners of the UK Tekla Awards are invited to join us for a celebratory meal where you can network with other winners, perhaps take part in an outdoor activity, and enjoy a delicious lunch away from the office in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the event you will receive a trophy for your cabinet, a certificate for your wall and we will create a press release for your use, as well as benefiting from the publicity created by Trimble’s promotion of the awards.

All category winners* are submitted to the Global Tekla BIM Awards 2020.

*The Tekla Structural Designer Award is UK and Ireland only.


The deadline for entries is 29th March 2019 so please submit your project as soon as possible. All competing projects will be published online, and there will be a public voting period to decide the peoples favourite. The winners will be announced in May and the winner’s lunch will be organised for June.

The winners of the UK competition* will be entered into the Tekla Global BIM Awards which take place autumn 2020.

*The Tekla Structural Designer Award is UK and Ireland only.


We will be looking for: collaboration between multiple participants and use of IFC and open BIM; challenges solved with Tekla Structures or Tekla Structural Designer; perhaps a multi-material aspect or complexity of geometry; and most importantly the cool factor - uniqueness of the project and creativity in the project execution.

All projects entered are opened up to review by the public, who then vote for their favourite.


The 2019 Tekla Awards introduces Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) as a new category this year. The competition offers Tekla Structural Designer users the opportunity to showcase their concrete and steel structural designs, and demonstrate how to put the software’s functionality to best use.