We've changed our company name to Trimble

We've changed our company name to Trimble

Together we are shaping a smarter future for construction.

Tekla Webinar November 2nd 2016

Better Precast Solutions Faster - O’Reilly Concrete’s Evolution from 2D to BIM

In this webinar Richard Kowalski, Technical Director for O’Reilly Concrete, explains how they started using Tekla Structures and achieved 20% time savings already in the first project they did using the software.

UK Tekla Awards 2016

We have the Winners

The Tekla Awards showcase and reward the hardwork and innovation that goes into using software to solve engineering challenges, working collaboratively and delivering better outcomes for all involved.

Tekla Structures 2016i

Benefit from the many improvements that increase flexibility, control and efficiency.

Tekla Structural Designer 2016i

Enjoy more design options, speed, productivity and flexibility

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