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Episode 4: Digital design and delivery for bridge and infrastructure [Full]

Arup discusses how parametric and BIM modelling tools have been successfully used to design and deliver 13 major road and rail infrastructure projects over the past 6 years. With a focus on the challenges and hurdles that came with each project, see how Arup used BIM processes to enable greater collaboration and help streamline the design and construction process, reducing risk and saving time in the delivery programme.


What you'll learn:

  • Learn the benefits of adopting a parametric process from concept design all the way through to construction.
  • The advantages of adding 3D rebar and steelwork connections to the BIM model at design stage.
  • The power of providing a data rich fully detailed BIM model that can be passed on to the construction teams.

In this session, the project team will demonstrate the value and benefit of adding steelwork connections and 3D rebar to the design models throughout the design stage, and the subsequent benefit of sharing this data and additional detail with the construction and fabrication teams.

The Delivering differently series

We invite you behind the scenes to see Arup’s use of automation practices in some of their most innovative and challenging projects.

Presented through a series of webinars, project engineers will unveil their unique approach to the continuous development of automation through knowledge and process, supported by Trimble technology.

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