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Episode 3: Inside King's Cross R8 [Full]

Arup discuss how they utilised automation to improve project delivery from early design to construction. The team will showcase the benefits for structural optioneering, live embodied carbon calculations and reporting, efficient response to change and 3D reinforcement.

What you'll learn:

  • The benefits of automating BIM modelling using the Tekla-Grasshopper live link and advantages of embarking on coordination in Trimble Connect at an early stage.
  • The power of data using Tekla Organizer to report embodied carbon as a by-product of your workflows. This provides live reporting as the project progresses to influence decisions, rather than leaving as a retrospective exercise carried out at each project milestone.
  • An insight into 3D reinforcement in Tekla Structures and the vast potential of automating 3D reinforcement modelling using the Tekla API and Grasshopper Link.

In this session, the project team will show how they developed innovative digital tools at every stage of the King's Cross R8 project – from early concept to construction, improving project delivery and adding value.

We'll explore the skillsets, technology and processing involved, finishing with a look at the final building and winner of the Tekla BIM Awards 'Best Commercial Project' in 2022.

The Delivering differently series

We invite you behind the scenes to see Arup’s use of automation practices in some of their most innovative and challenging projects.

Presented through a series of webinars, project engineers will unveil their unique approach to the continuous development of automation through knowledge and process, supported by Trimble technology.

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