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Episode 2: Immersive BIM - Construction centred modelling coupled with VR/AR/MR [Full]

Join us as Arup discuss the process of using AR/MR solutions to facilitate construction planning (4D), anticipate site coordination issues earlier, achieve better overlap of design with construction, develop accurate content-driven models to help avoid waste on site and allow better collaboration with Contractor and Subcontractors (VR/AR/MR).

What you'll learn:

  • How to leverage the value of detailed content driven BIM models in the Buildings environment
  • How new technology in VR/AR/MR has real project application
  • Tips on how to positively engage a design team with Contractors and Subcontractors and get the most value from digital technology

On 443 Queen Street in Brisbane, Australia (48-storey residential tower) Arup Structural Engineering were engaged to provide services developing a detailed 3D reinforcement .ifc model as well as engineering design for a deep reinforced concrete transfer plate. This project was one of the first in Australasia to use 3D reinforcement and VR/AR/MR on a Buildings construction project.

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We invite you behind the scenes to see Arup’s use of automation practices in some of their most innovative and challenging projects.

Presented through a series of webinars, project engineers will unveil their unique approach to the continuous development of automation through knowledge and process, supported by Trimble technology.

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