Unleash the power of truly connected steel fabrication management

Tekla PowerFab is a comprehensive software suite that provides a systematic, collaborative approach for managing your fabrication. Developed specifically for steel fabricators, it delivers a smooth, continuous, and real-time flow of information on projects from start to finish.

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Complete and connected steel fabrication management


Use our accurate and reliable estimation program to bid on more projects and with more confidence.

Manage projects

Bring your schedules, job progress, drawing control, and change management together in one straightforward system.


Reduce waste and only spend money on the materials you need with a built-in material optimisation engine: create cut lists.


Make purchasing material for your jobs easier with our digital requisitions and purchase ordering system.

Inventory control

Regain control of your yard and maximise material usage with automated inventory management.

Production control

Plan, manage and track your entire fabrication with our user-friendly and comprehensive production control interface.

Shop floor

Record your fabrication progress in real-time and with full traceability through every step of your workshop.


Ensure materials are delivered to the site on time with shipping planning and tracking tools.


Monitor productivity and efficiency levels in your workshop in real-time with our interactive dashboards.

Why Tekla PowerFab?

Tekla PowerFab complete and connected steel fabrication managementTekla PowerFab complete and connected steel fabrication management

Robust tools to empower everybody involved with steel fabrication

More accurate estimates, better project management, more efficient production, improved inventory control and procuring the right materials at the right time make Tekla PowerFab an indispensable tool.

For Estimators

Fast, accurate, and consistent estimates

Enjoy efficient model-based estimating workflows or intuitively input data for manual estimates. Quickly create estimates and work with the confidence that costs are covered, and your bid is solid, accurate, and competitive. Make informed and precise estimates with an up-to-date database of supplier pricing and delivery details.

"Thanks to the software’s emphasis on data integration and automation, we’re then able to generate estimates and quantity take-offs directly from the IFC file – overall, a far easier, efficient and more accurate way of working." - Phil Nattress, Estimator, South Durham Structures

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For Project Managers

Manage projects and schedules proactively with real-time data

A comprehensive set of project management tools help you anticipate and solve problems before they appear. Stay up-to-date on project profitability by tracking estimates versus actual costs at any time. Collaboration and communication become easier through consistent use of the same model and format from estimation to construction. What's more, teams can access project documentation and reports from anywhere at any time.

"Before, we used to run 15-20 projects per year. Now we’re running 12-20 projects continuously. So, we are 2-3 times the overall capacity by the end of the calendar year." - Jonathan Henriksen, Director of Operations, M&N Structures

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For Production Managers

Optimise the workshop and enable paperless production
Balance your workshop capacity and optimise your production schedule across all projects with ease. Enjoy the benefits of running a paperless workshop for real-time control and visibility. Your entire staff can use mobile tools for viewing work orders and cut lists and updating production status as they go.

"We also have a weekly forecast report, which automatically provides us with a status of every current job and even generates a view of the following week’s production schedule, enabling us to plan accordingly and ensure continued high levels of efficiency." - Matt Hastwell, Senior Draughtsman at Wareing Buildings.

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For Purchasers

An optimised, efficient process for error-free purchasing 

Reach peace of mind by using a powerful, purpose-built solution that makes your work error-free. Optimise material according to your company standards or situation. The automated process provides purchase documentation that includes all information needed for material tracking and quality assurance. History data is saved to learn for the next project.

"We know what steel we're using for each job. We know exactly where that's going to go. We can save on the waste; we can reallocate the waste. It will let us know when we're running low. It'll let us know when we need to reorder automatically. It's data that we've never had." - Matt Hastwell, Wareing Buildings

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Manage your steel fabrication efficiently with Tekla PowerFab

Unleash the power of truly connected steel fabrication management

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