Tekla 2021 - What's New for Steel


The Tekla software portfolio covers the entire steel workflow from engineering design, detailing and fabrication management and continues all the way through to site operations. At Trimble, we consistently invest in innovation - always listening to our users’ feedback, comments and suggestions. Please join our 2-part sneak peek webinar to hear about the latest developments relevant to the steel fabrication and construction industry.

Part 1, which will run the first 60 minutes of the webinar, will concentrate on the improvements and new functionalities of Tekla Structures 2021. Version 2021 hosts a raft of improvements focused on increasing your productivity and more effectively managing project changes. These include improvements to modeling, documentation and collaboration.

In part 2, which starts in the second hour, will focus on the new features and functionalities of Tekla PowerFab 2021. The development of Tekla EPM Go 2021 includes a more visual dashboard reporting functionality. Tekla EPM 2021 unlocks new ways of filtering and better organizing your data. We added a DSTV+ option to help you transfer cut list data to machinery and extended the integration to Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum. Sign up to get the full overview!

Feel free to join the full webinar or only the part that interests you.


Join this webinar to learn about Tekla's 2021 software and:

  • Avoid detailing errors and minimize the need for rework in fabrication
  • Prevent human errors: Drawings, reports and CNC information are automatically generated from the model
  • Realize new and improved features and functionalities in modeling, documentation and collaboration
  • Take advantage of new ways of organizing your data 


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Date: Tuesday, March 9th, 2021