Key Features for Tekla Structural Designer 2021


We invite you to our upcoming webinar focusing on key features for Tekla Structural Designer 2021.

Date: Thursday 27th May 2021
Time: 11 am
Duration: 30 minutes

Join our webinar as we discuss the following:

  • New behaviours for gridlines
    Changes to the gridline selectability to facilitate model navigation and modelling.
  • Demonstration of Review View tool
    Review tools that make working with imposed load reductions clearer and easier.
  • Improvements to EHF settings
    Settings for direct input of EHF percentage used for global imperfections.
  • Review tools for cambering
    A demonstration of new review tools and properties for cambering of steel beams both composite and non-composite making working with cambering easier and providing more control to the user.
  • Review of the Overall Wind Drift check

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