Digitizing for modular manufacture


As clients and contractors increasingly turn to modular manufacturers to help improve quality and speed of construction on site, modular manufacturers in turn are in a constant search for improved process and manufacturing efficiencies.

Steel fabricators and precast concrete manufacturers have also faced this challenge and many have turned to 3D modelling software, and in particular Tekla Structures, to provide a fully detailed 3D model of the structure with enough information to drive their business from estimating through to manufacture and ultimately site logistics. The Tekla 3D model becomes the single source of truth that provides a constructible level of detail. Trimble and TDS, supported by BuildOffsite, have put together a 45 minute free webinar to show how Tekla Structures supports DfMA and offsite construction.

Discover more about Tekla Structures and how modular manufacturers can benefit from improved speed and accuracy.

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We will look at:

  • The benefits of moving from 2D to 3D - single source of truth, digital twin - digital representation of physical asset.
  • The accuracy and efficiency of a 3D model aligns with the benefits of modular manufacturing.
  • How a 3D Tekla model facilitates communication between client, modular manufacturer and project team.
  • A Tekla model drives NC data files, fab drawings, etc.
  • How a model can drive manufacturing to improve speed and accuracy.

Dan Leech from TDS will also show how the theory works in practice with examples of modular projects TDS have recently worked on.

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Date: Thursday 10 May 2018