Steel detailing software

Detailed as-built models

Create and benefit from accurate, detailed Tekla 3D models. Easily create all structures with full details, and automatic clash checking ensures that costly conflicts are exposed in the model – not on the shop floor or on site.

The power of Tekla Structures modeling is beyond anything else on the market. You can easily build and manage even the largest projects in one model. You can also cross reference with other models from different disciplines such as MEP or plant design.

Drawings are fully integrated with the model, providing powerful yet easy change management. Drawings, reports, and CNC data can be automatically created from your 3D model whenever required. Easily share any data using Trimble Connect.


Key Benefits:

Work with an as-built 3D structure

  • Create your structure with accurate, intelligent connections that adapt automatically to varying and changing situations
  • Work with all kinds of projects regardless of the size and complexity
  • Your constructible model contains everything needed for fabrication and construction, including connections, bolts and welds
  • Enhance the model with special 3D components and tools which are available in the Tekla Warehouse, created by leading industry suppliers. These include for example Halfen, Hilti and many others

Create all drawings, reports and fabrication data automatically from the model

  • Generate fabrication and erection drawings with all relevant details
  • Create bills of materials, schedules and other reports automatically
  • Interface with all the leading software for analysis & design, plant modeling and MEP using proprietary and standard formats including IFC, DXF, DWG and DGN
  • All drawings are automatically updated if and when the model is changed. This ensures fully accurate and up to date information is always at hand.



Work efficiently

  • Utilize an extensive library of standard and custom details, connections and parts – no need to model everything from scratch
  • Create your own intelligent custom parts and connections without any programming knowledge required
  • Automate document production: Set up your fabrication and erection drawings and reports to meet your company standards
  • Start work immediately by utilizing readily available localized libraries of steel profiles, plates, bolts and materials

Share the workload. Build and use the model together.

  • Multiple users can work on the same project at the same time regardless of location, time zone, or the speed of their internet connection
  • With Tekla you can take advantage of the patented, most advanced tools on the market: Tekla Model Sharing and Trimble Connect
  • Share the model with production, erection and logistics teams, even on mobile devices, to improve information flow and keep them up to speed/date with the project
  • Stay also up to date with real time production status using shared model with your fabricators.

With Tekla you can

  • Build models with all structural elements and details including welds, bolts and all other structural items
  • Expose conflicts before it is too late with automatic clash checking
  • Manage changes and their implications
  • Generate fabrication and erection drawings with details and 3D visualizations from the model
  • Automatic marking of parts and assemblies
  • Generate CNC data direcly for fabricator's machinery
  • Interface with plant design and analysis software