3D Rebar Detailing

Coordination errors, conflicting content in documents and inefficient communication and information transfer lead to wasting material and resources in construction of reinforced cast in place concrete structures. By using the software which enables efficient reinforcement modeling in 3D, achieving construction-ready level of accuracy (LOD400), you can improve the quality of detailed rebar design and documents, automatically transfer data to production and exchange information with all the project stakeholders more effectively. In other words, you can bring significant savings for the entire project and offer better deliverables that are valuable to your customers.


Powerful, efficient tools for fabrication-quality 3D rebar detailing

  • Detail pad footings, columns, beams and any standard structures and repetitive connections with a few clicks using intelligent, parametric components.
  • Reinforcing non-standard geometries like complex retaining structures is efficient and flexible, because the reinforcement automatically understands the concrete shape where it belongs to, bars can be placed automatically and are easy to adjust and modify.
  • Place area reinforcements with one click and automation recognizes all openings and cut-outs in concrete.
  • Create splicing according to fabrication requirements, add couplers and end-anchors using purpose built, intelligent tools.


User-defined detailing components can multiply your productivity

  • Define and save your own rebar modeling components with a few clicks.
  • Cut detailing time of any repetitive structure using intelligent custom components. Anyone can make these, no programming skills are needed.
  • Create company and project-level component libraries and share these with your teams to standardize and streamline work.


Flexible, reliable automatic numbering

  • Choose solid numbering for the whole model or work-breakdown structure depending on your needs.
  • Automation finds and assigns the same number to the same part according to set number series.
  • Over 20 year industry proven numbering technology on anything from small to gigantic projects.


Documents with correct, consistent Information

  • You can generate placement and production drawings complete with bar marks, pull-out pictures and bar bending schedules directly from the model.
  • Create reports, bending schedules and material lists for bars and meshes automatically.


Adjust and modify easily, effectively adapt to changes

  • Placed reinforcement automatically adapts to any changes in concrete geometry or properties like cover thickness.
  • Adjust rebar placement and modify settings easily by interacting directly with model objects.
  • Make update only ones: Associative drawings and schedules can update automatically when model changes.


Collaborate effectively

  • Multiple users can work on the same Tekla model at the same time regardless of location, time zone, or the speed of their internet connection using Tekla Model Sharing.
  • Exchange models in IFC format and work with complementary solutions using standard formats such as PDF, DXF, DWG, DGN.
  • You can detect and report design changes in reference model revisions automatically.


With Tekla you can

  • Detail any rebar structure in 3D, regardless of size and complexity
  • Number rebar automatically and generate all documents directly from a model
  • Prevent detailing, documentation and coordination errors
  • Save time and prevent human errors in data input to rebar processing systems
  • Adapt to project changes effectively
  • Find, use, report and transfer information efficiently according to your process needs
  • Drive efficiency and quality in fabrication and in the field