Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing allows Tekla Structures project teams to work efficiently together regardless of their location or time zone.

Using Tekla Model Sharing, teams can collaborate on the same Tekla Structures project. The solution adapts to any Internet connection speed, and you can edit the model offline. Tekla Model Sharing enables you to flexibly manage teams, bringing together the right people for project success.

Tekla Model Sharing works for all sizes of projects, both online and offline. As the team can work effectively on one model without being situated in one office, the service allows you to balance the workload across teams and offices according to your resources and requirements. On the other hand, remote work becomes a practical option.  

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New era of collaboration - Tekla Model Sharing

The Tekla Structures model data is stored safely and transferred encrypted. The model data is safely stored locally on each team member’s computer and then synchronized with latest changes globally via the Tekla Model Sharing cloud service hosted by Trimble. The data is transferred encrypted and managed according to the highest security protocols.

The service is accessed directly from Tekla Structures, so there is no additional download and the work required from IT is minimal.

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You can work offline with Tekla Model Sharing, but you do need an Internet connection for syncing models. If you work in an area with very slow internet connections, the free Tekla Model Sharing cache server makes the information flow smoother. Just one team member has to download the large project files over the Internet. Using the Cache files are quickly distributed to team members using the internal network.

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Tekla Model Sharing is available on the purchase of a yearly recurring subscription enterprise per-seat license. This is a concurrent floating enterprise license.

  • Licenses can be temporarily assigned outside of your organization to individuals you choose, anywhere in the world. All license holders must have a valid Tekla Account.
  • Actual license management is handled by your organization’s Tekla Account Manager, who decides who has access to the floating license pool.
  • Additional licenses can be purchased at any time. 

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Tekla Model Sharing requires no additional hardware or software is required apart from Tekla Structures. It is a fast, reliable way to share information throughout your company or with other project parties.


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