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Tekla Model Sharing trial - FAQ

What happens after the activation?

1. Your company will receive ten (10) licenses for ninety (90) days.

2. All employees will be able to try Tekla Model Sharing.

3. You'll be able to start using it immediately. 

If you have any questions, you'll find a wealth of support material in Tekla User Assistance.

How do I activate the trial?

1. Go to the License Details tab in the Tekla Online Admin Tool.

2. Activate your Tekla Model Sharing trial under Trial Licenses.

3. Read and approve the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Once activated, you'll have 10 trial licenses to use within your organization.

Activate Tekla Model Sharing trial

Visit the Tekla Online Admin Tool to activate your Tekla Model Sharing trial, or check with your company admin to do it for you.

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Requirements and availability

Tekla Model Sharing trial on computerTekla Model Sharing trial on computer

Get started

Build your dream team 

Bringing the right people together makes a difference when you’re working on a project. With Tekla Model Sharing, team members can work on the same project regardless of their location, so you have more freedom in choosing project partners.

BIM collaboration works within the same office or with subcontractors in another location. You can work with whomever, wherever they’re located. And if you need to, it’s easy to introduce new people to the project.

Getting started with Tekla Model Sharing is easy

Tekla User Assistance offers a wealth of support material to make getting started easy.

24/7 online support is available in Tekla User Assistance or by contacting your local Tekla Helpdesk team

More information

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