Welcome to Tekla Model Sharing trial!

You are next directed to Tekla Online Admin Tool to activate the Tekla Model Sharing trial. If you don’t have the required admin permission, please find your company admin on your account profile and request to activate the trial.

What happens after the activation?


How do I activate the trial?

  • In the Tekla Online Admin Tool, go to the License details -tab
  • Under the Trial licenses, activate your Tekla Model Sharing trial
  • You need to approve the terms and conditions before proceeding
  • You now have ten trial licenses to be used within your organization


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The trial is globally available

The trial includes ten Tekla Model Sharing licenses for three months’ free use. The trial period ends after 90 days and does not bind you to any subscription. If you are happy with Tekla Model Sharing and would like to purchase it after the trial period, it will cost you only ca. 520 [€/$] per year and per license. Just contact your local Tekla sales representative to buy.

Additional information about Tekla Model Sharing is available in Tekla User Assistance

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Requirements and availability

  • The trial can be activated once and it is available for customers, who do not have Tekla Model Sharing licenses and have not evaluated Model Sharing previously
  • Add-on product on Tekla Structures license
  • Works with the Tekla Structures active license, version 21.0 SR3 onwards.