BIM Collaboration Software vs. Multi-User

Tekla Model Sharing is a truly innovative BIM collaboration product. The unique, patented technology has many advantages over the existing multi-user mode. In addition to the new way of working with local off-line models, it is the most reliable, the fastest and most cost-effective way to collaborate with Tekla Structures projects.


Tekla Model Sharing vs. multi-user

Tekla Model Sharing Tekla multi-user
No need for installation, setup and administration  
No need for additional server  
Ensure team performance with limited internet access
Offline modeling with Tekla Structures - Continue productive work even when your network fails  
Share only changes instead of full model when synchronizing  
Onboard and scale workforce to BIM project flexibly
Easily scales to any number of users in different locations  
New members invited and added to the project easily  
Teams with 100+ members can work concurrently on the same shared model without sacrificing performance  
Basic permission control with roles (owner, editor, viewer, project viewer)  
The model is always up-to-date
Up-to-date model with latest changes by everyone is always available to every team member
Users notified about available changes  
Users can list, review and visualize changes  
Possible to open the model at any point of time in history (incl. lock and rollback)  
Ensure performance when teams collaborating online
Offline modeling with Tekla Structures — Full CPU/GPU and 3D visualization performance
Changes can be saved over common internet connection without VPN  
Non-locking sync — team not interrupted
Team can continue working during opening, saving and numbering as the model is not locked  
Conform to project’s privacy and security requirements
Secure online platform with protected access and transfer to customer data  
Model encryption on server  
Secure user identity  
Model collaborating without ever signing in online  
Audited by world-class cybersecurity professionals  
Option to store model data on customer’s own server
Extremely secure collaboration with external users / no need to give access to company network  
Keeping the stakeholders up-to-date
The latest status and progress information for all stakeholders  
Sharing your changes — list of changes available automatically  
Transparent team activities  


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