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Tekla Structures is the only option for speed, quality & optimum resource usage: L&T Construction

Headquartered in Mumbai, Larsen & Toubro Limited is one of the largest and most respected companies in India’s private sector. With over 80 years of a strong, customer focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, L&T has unmatched capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing, and maintains a leadership in all its major lines of business.

Constructing CIDCO’s precast housing project in Kharkopar, Navi Mumbai

Overall project layout of 140m

City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd (CIDCO) mega housing package 4 is one of the largest residential project which is spread over 17.5 M sq. ft. with value over Rs. 5000 Crore. Around 4.5 million sq. ft. of the project was of precast and was constructed using L&T’s Precast Large Concrete Panel (PLCP) system. Tower configurations with precast scope were Stilt + 12 floors and Stilt + 14 floors having EWS/ LIG dwelling units located at 4 adjacent plots in Kharkopar, Navi Mumbai. L&T’s scope of work also included project monitoring using Building Information Modelling (BIM) developed specifically for this project and the mandate was to have LOD 500. 



Diverse challenges of the mega housing project 

Curved end purlin

  • Stringent project completion timeline of 42 months
  • Precast construction demands error free constructible 3D model, element/shop drawings with bar bending schedule and quantity take-off and to eliminate clashes which occur via multi-disciplinary services/routing
  • Modelling and detailing of complex 3-dimensional wall panels (combination of two-unit walls), toilet pods (combined toilet and bath units), and refuge level cantilevers, etc. which involved around 3000 precast elements per tower
  • Project specific precast connections and accessories varying at different floors
  • Architectural elevation intent i.e., grooves and projections at top and bottom floors, parapet elevation feature which are non-repetitive and part of precast elements

Executing Precast made easy with Tekla Structures 

“We created and documented a total of 250 custom components to create 3D model consisting of around 3000 precast elements without deviation in the designer’s aspiration & intent and this could be achieved only through Tekla Structures as the solution allows custom component creation and can be utilized in a speedy way for future projects. Moreover, Tekla Structures supported project aspirations like project monitoring at site through Building Information Modeling i.e., progress & process monitoring, raise invoices and claims through BIM, in a digitalized way.” 

- Mr. Sudheer Bommi, Chief Engg. Manager (Precast) Buildings & Factories IC, Larsen & Toubro Construction

Model creation:

  • The building comprises of typical unit with precast elements like 3D and 2D walls, 3D PODs, slabs, beams, staircase flights, etc. in a typical floor and a typical refuge floor at three levels
  • Precast elements were modelled as single unit intelligent custom component made up of concrete parts, detailed structural reinforcement and readymade precast connection accessories were obtained from Tekla Warehouse such as dowel tubes, couplers, loop boxes, lifting hooks, etc.
  • Elevation features as per architectural design intent such as curved, ribbed and groove patterns were modelled using profile catalogue
  • Reinforcement modelling comes handy with predefined components from Tekla Warehouse and user defined rebar shape using rebar shape management. Further, by replicating similar elements/single component across all typical units and floors made an easy constructible 3D tower model

Collaboration and integration:

  • Collaboration with different project stakeholders like architecture, mechanical, electrical and plumbing disciplines and integration with different BIM software like Revit and Navisworks was easy to blend using IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format for working in both ways
  • Review and clash check analysis with each discipline was implemented using Trimble Connect and Tekla Structures
  • Tekla Model Sharing and cloning of drawing tool enabled the executing team to keep the productivity high during remote working conditions in COVID-19 pandemic period

Drawings creation:

  • Automation of drawing settings, template creation, drawing annotation components and cloning of drawings tools made it possible to issue 600 production drawings (approximately) in speedy, efficient, and controlled manner
  • In addition, revisions in drawings, issue of drawing, lock and freeze were effectively controlled by master drawing catalogue which is an in-built feature in Tekla Structures
  • Construction friendly and error free shop drawings were generated with typical 3D views, electrical details, mesh reinforcement, bar bending schedule and quantity

“Tekla Structures creates detailed and accurate constructible 3D models. The executing team were able to issue 600 production drawings in approximately 30% of the usual man-hours compared to CAD/REVIT. Further, complex 3D elements, curved elevation feature profiles, user defined rebar shapes, quick and customizable components were made possible with Tekla Structures.” 

- Mr. Sudheer Bommi, Chief Engg. Manager (Precast) Buildings & Factories IC, Larsen & Toubro Construction