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Tekla Model Sharing ensures seamless project delivery while working remotely

Design Excellence (India) Pvt. Ltd. also known as DXL is one of the leading engineering firms based in India operating for more than 30 years in the field of civil & structural engineering consultancy – from concept to commissioning. Since 1994, the company has grown in size, experience & repute at a firm & steady pace and has developed their competence in the last two decades in the field of civil, structural consultancy. DXL has successfully completed diverse industrial projects covering segments like chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, gas producing plants and power plants, steel plant as well as infrastructure & bridges, hotels, commercial and residential buildings.

DXL operates from their own designed and constructed office building which is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India & is equipped with best talent in the industry backed by robust IT infrastructure, advanced engineering software and communication facilities.

Engineering the Phosphate Beneficiation plant for mining giant Ma’aden in Saudi Arabia

Overall project layout of 140m

Ma’aden, the largest mining company in the Middle East, deputed Design Excellence to design and detail the phosphate beneficiation plant in Saudi Arabia. The entire phosphate beneficiation plant consisted of 3500 MT of structural steel. The 3 major components of the structure were - bin building to enclose bins and hoppers, weighing 2500MT of steel; conveyor belts with total running length of 250m, weighing 350MT of steel; and cone crusher building consisting of 550 MT of structural steel.

Some of the most unique features of this structure were inclined phases of hoppers with different slopes for all the four phases, inclined sloping galleries, galleries with kings and very heavy structural steel connections.

Challenge to finish the work remotely during COVID19 induced lockdown

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To complete modelling and shop drawings for the entire 3500MT within 3 months, without any delay, during COVID19 lockdown of 2021 was the biggest challenge the project team had faced. The team was experiencing ‘working from home’ for the first time and the entire job had to be executed while working remotely from a variety of locations and IT infrastructure & network setups.

"We are proud users of Tekla Structures and have been using the software for more than 15 years now. Tekla Model Sharing enabled our team to continue working as efficiently as we had been working from our office. To execute an all-embracing project such as this plant project during the lockdown, with no experience and preparedness of working remotely, was no doubt a demanding expectation from our team. At peak, a team of nearly 60 people would access the same model on a single day and many times in parallel. This cloud-based collaboration tool enabled us to deliver the project on time, seamlessly, without any penalties to the client.” 

- Mr. Jagdish Pimpale, Design Excellence India Pvt Ltd 

Tekla Model Sharing at Design Excellence’s rescue 

Here are the ways Tekla Structures & Tekla Model Sharing enabled the project team to End column connection detailcollaborate and work seamlessly during the lockdown,

  • The only option to achieve this stringent timeline target was to deploy as many resources as possible. Cloud support and sharing license of Tekla worked seamlessly since 3 different teams from different cities worked on the same model but different structures.
  • With Tekla Model Sharing’s 24X7 cloud support, the team was able to work in shifts
  • Tekla Model Sharing enabled the executing team to work from different locations at the same time on the same model