The Most Advanced BIM Software for Structural Workflow

What is Tekla Structures?

Tekla Structures is the most constructible structural software for BIM. With it, you can create, combine, manage and share accurate multi-material 3D models full of construction information.
You can use Tekla Structures for design, detailing and information management from conceptual planning to fabrication and construction on site.   

Why Tekla Structures?

With Tekla Structures you can create accurate, information-rich 3D models that contain all the structural data needed for building and maintaining the structure. Tekla models are truly constructible because they can reach LOD 500 which is currently the highest level of development. High LOD, as-built models minimize costly surprises, RFI's (requests for information) and result for more profitable projects.

You can import, export, and link your data with other software solutions, digital construction tools, and fabrication machinery. Read more about interoperability and our approach to Open BIM.

Tekla Structures is localized to fit your local construction industry standards. The software is available in 17 languages and 32 environments that include predefined region-specific settings and information. We offer local support and training to get started smoothly with the software.

Key Benefits


  • Create constructible models up to LOD 500
  • Use only one tool for all materials (concrete, timber, steel etc.)  and projects

Open collaboration

  • Collaborate with project members and third parties
  • Utilize model data for fabrication and construction
  • Link with architectural, MEP and plant design software through IFC

Localized software

  • Available in 17 languages and 32 environments
  • Get help from local support in more than 20 languages
  • Access Tekla technical and learning support online 24/7

Tekla Structures is ideal for



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Kari Turunen PTDC, TS product page

In practice, there have been no errors on elements fitting into place. Over 16,000 precast elements have been put into place flawlessly.
Kari Turunen
Vice President
Lujabetoni Oy

Trent Murray, TS product page

Tekla Structures has been valuable in every stage of the process, from estimating and sales through design, planning and project completion.
Trent Murray
Preconstruction Manager
Big-D Construction

Crystal Williamson, Intelligent Steel, TS product page

Thanks to Tekla Structures, we were able to improve the accuracy of the build and the speed of construction by allowing early access for first fix, while also reducing the amount of waste materials produced.
Crystal Williamson
Designer Manager
Intelligent Steel

Analysis & Design Go Hand in Hand

With Tekla software, you can model any type of structure of any material, or include several materials to one model.  The software can interface with several analysis and design (A&D) packages through Tekla Open API. In addition, Tekla Structures links with A&D packages by file transfer. Supported formats include, for example, SDNF, CIS/2 and IFC. If you use in-house A&D calculation spreadsheets, Tekla Structures can also link with these.

The benefits of linking with A&D packages include coordination and visualization with the model, drawings and reports and efficient change management. Both engineers and draftsmen can work on the same project model.  

Drawings, reports and machinery

Tekla integrates with the most of major advanced production or resource planning and machine automation systems that fabricators of steel structures, precast concrete elements and rebar use.  Production information can automatically transfer from Tekla model to these systems and minimize manual work and errors. Drawings can be extracted from the model, and they update with the model. Additionally, you can use the model for material quantity take offs.  

To interface with a broader range of manufacturing machinery, Tekla uses different file formats. 

Smoother workflow

Tekla software allows effective information flow: Architects, engineers and contractors can share and coordinate project information. Tekla links with major AEC, MEP and with plant design software solutions thanks to open BIM approach and IFC compliancy. The software supports DGN and DWG. Tekla BIM software also integrates with industry leading construction management and analysis and design software.

The benefits of this open approach include better layout coordination and structural information that supports leaner construction. Users enjoy better productivity and less frustration. 

Tekla also links to project management applications that further help the users understand and visualize the true scope and context of schedule line items, material ordering, payment requests, and the objects that other project parties create. In addition, mapping critical components of project management information into corresponding intelligent model objects provides users the opportunity to create dashboard views of project status.

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