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Why 3DE Global vouches for Tekla’s versatility, accuracy & speed?!

Image courtesy - Telge Projects

“Tekla is exceptionally versatile, accurate, fast, and user-friendly and there are more tools, settings, options, and opportunities for customization than any other software out there. The high level of interoperability between Tekla and other software packages to coordinate our work with other trades was just amazing. Errors are less likely to occur, and we could spot most of them at an early stage. The flexibility of reports and files that could be extracted from Tekla and used in fabrication and construction are limitless.”

Mr. Paul Henderson, CEO, 3DE Global

Company overview

3DE Global has a proven track record in delivering world class structural design, building information modeling, and shop detailing services for the Mining, Oil and Gas, Industrial and Commercial sectors. Headquartered in Perth, Australia, the company has presence in the US, UK, UAE, Hong Kong & India. It specializes in structural steelwork, concrete and rebar.

Image courtesy - Telge Projects

The project: Wastewater treatment plant, Sydney

3DE Global was entrusted with the modelling and detailing of the wastewater treatment plant undergoing an upgrade as part of a Nutrient removal project to lower the level of pollutants discharged by the Plant. The total project was 122 tonnes.

All work was carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, and the applicable clauses within the Sydney Water Technical Specification.

Tekla Structures: The Panacea for all construction ills

  • The most important challenge attached to the project was the numerous and various types of reference files that needed to be manipulated inside the model. With the use of Tekla, the team built shelters, multi-storey buildings, chutes, pipe supports, equipment support platforms & crossovers.

  • The team had the need for pipe supports to be placed inside the model and the IFC files of the pipes were used as a reference, and Tekla made it easy to work simultaneously. In addition, Tekla helped the team to determine clashes as well.

Moreover, the connections of new buildings with the existing was dealt with ease. Trimble made this simple!