We've changed our company name to Trimble

We've changed our company name to Trimble

Together we are shaping a smarter future for construction.

Tekla Webinar December 7th 2016

Why Delivering LOD The Right Way Brings Success to Clients and Contractors

In this webinar you will learn what can be done today and where the future is leading us with LOD.

Tekla Webinar January 11th 2017

Estimate, Plan and Build Concrete Better – Pankow delivers superior value with Tekla

In this webinar, Pankow's Senior BIM Manager Luis Perez and Assistant VDC Manager Lou Varni, explain the value of constructible concrete model for their company and how they benefit from using Tekla.

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2016

The Best of Building Information Modeling in 2016: Trimble Announces Tekla Global BIM Awards Winners.

Tekla Structures 2016i

Benefit from the many improvements that increase flexibility, control and efficiency.