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From drafting sketches to detailed 3D model & accurate fabrication drawings in just 15 days Customer reference

Image courtesy - Telge Projects

“With a team of 2 modellers, 2 detailers and a checker we could complete the conical refuse bin weighing 68 ton in just 15 days delivering as per the client’s expectations - thanks to Tekla Structures! We used Tekla because its unique features are relevant for designing and modelling conical shaped plates. Moreover, Tekla Structures support team extended splendid support when the job was in progress. Basis their suggestions we made efficient use of all the right features & options for the cover plates. Our client was indeed happy looking at the designing & modelling of this complex conical structure.’’

Mr. Srinivasan Manickam, Director & CEO, Adept Engineering Solutions.

Company overview

Adept Engineering Services Company has been in the structural steel detailing industry for about a decade with a team of over 50 engineers from Namakkal in the southern part of India. The company caters to the engineering companies, fabricators and EPC contractors in the United States and other global regions. Adept Engineering has a portfolio of servicing diverse industries such as Petrochemical, Automobiles, and Oil & Gas. The integrated team and their workflow based methods assure clients the most responsive, accurate, and cost-effective process & projects.

About the project

The project involved detailing and modelling of a refuse bin for coal preparation process in a job site located in Virginia. The scope of work included modelling and detailing a circular hopper and blow chute.

Tekla Structures - the best solution for modelling and
detailing complex structures efficiently

The most challenging part of the project was that the circular hopper needed to be conical in structure.

The refuse bin consisted of a circular hopper and the job included the detailing of the chute. The hopper was tricky as the liner plates and shell plates needed to be detailed very precisely so as to match the work point.

The refuse bin consisted of an inner radius of 136 1/4” with an altitude of 55”. The continuously varying valley angles posed a challenging task of maintaining accuracy at every point of detail. It required editing and detailing the single parts, unfolded, and the development views in order to match with the BOM.

The team created the curved plates using ‘create conical bent plate’ tool in Tekla Structures 2018i.

Recalling the project experience, Puguzharasan. E, General Manager, Adept Engineering shared “The conical structure detailing task involved difficulties in matching the length and breadth along with other plates. This conical 360˚ structure was split to form an 18 pieces’ assembly. The project executing team used the Tekla Structures 2018i faces option to design the plate, which helped them to model the conical structure within a specified diameter.”

Tekla also helped the team overcome other challenges such as:

  • Hand drawn drawings: The project executing team had to refurbish this refuse bin based solely on hand drawings that were 75 years old. With the team’s knowledge and expertise and the Tekla Support team’s assistance, the project team successfully created the model from the existing hand drawings.
  • Unfolded dimension: The team had to provide the plate detailing with unfolded dimension to match the BOM dimensions. Unfolded options were used to provide the unfolded plate. The team created three segments of plate instead of two for getting the perfect output.
  • Modelling of bolts: The project team used the bolt repetition option in the sloppy plate. The team assigned the bolts individually, based on the slope of the conical plate, by copying the bolts based on the inclination.
  • Conversion of NC to DXF: Bolts were not properly visible in the DXF file due to the conical shape of the plate. The team adjusted the bolts slightly with respect to the connecting plate faying surface.