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Three-fold value of Tekla: Better Engineering, Construction Accuracy & Client Satisfaction

Established in 1991 at Durgapur, India, Pinnacle Infotech has made a global presence with offices at Kolkata & Jaipur (India), USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy and UAE. As an early adopter of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the company deems that the technology is a key driver of their progress towards better construction and infrastructure engineering and has enabled them to offer the best service to architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors and consultants across the world.

The exceptional focus on pre-construction planning and the BIM implementation has facilitated Pinnacle to track project timelines, material costs, conflict resolutions and other elements in advance. Further this has led to an overall savings of about 30% of the actual estimate thus establishing the company as one of the global leaders in MEP designing and detailing services.

Modeling the San Manuel Casino of 75,000 sq. ft. area

Awarded by the engineering firm Pankow, Pinnacle Infotech’s scope was to design and detail the 75,000 sq. ft. casino. The casino is the first on-site casino hotel in California. The 17-floor hotel will feature 432 rooms, 127 of which are spacious suites with thoughtfully curated amenities, a relaxing pool deck with seven private cabanas, an additional restaurant and a full-service spa. 

From 3D concrete model creation to coordination and clash detection with other trades i.e. Architecture, MEP etc. was part of the executing team’s task. Pinnacle Infotech was further responsible for constructibility review and concrete lift drawing creation such as slab drawings, slab soffit drawings, wall & column layout plan, embed layout plan, detail drawings, wall elevation, pouring sequence plan, etc.

“Tekla Structures allowed us to anticipate, plan and coordinate every aspect of the project design and detailing. It helped identify constructibility issues prior to construction, detecting clashes, thus avoiding work stoppage, rework and wastage of time, material and manpower. I am satisfied that by managing the project through Tekla, we could focus more on better engineering and client satisfaction.”

- Mr. Bimal Kumar Patwari, Co-Founder & CEO, Pinnacle Infotech

Trifurcated challenges of the mega Casino project 

The cast in place project had many challenges, such as:

  • Handling various structural elements simultaneously: This project covers a vast scope including 3D model creation for embed, reinforcement, PT cables, anchors, studrails, field layout point. As a result, it was difficult to progress smoothly on the same platform. Owing to the large area, there were several issues that were tough to resolve within stipulated period.
  • Difficulty in achieving seamless communication: Collaboration is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to the success of any project. In this project, various stakeholders were working on different software platforms, and it was difficult to collaborate with other trades.
  • Large number of drawing sheets: The main challenge was maintaining the drawing standard for different types of drawings. Since, Pinnacle had to extract separate type of drawing from a single 3D model.

Tekla – the go to software for delivering on time with accuracy

Recalling the project experience, Mrs. Sapna Patwari, Co-Founder & Director, Pinnacle Infotech commented “Tekla helped to simplify BIM adoption, streamlining project operations in commercial, residential & mixed-used sectors. Tekla integrates with BIM to provide effective project solutions & collaborations. Trimble Connect streamlines project information management processes, document control, resolution of design problems by RFI management & more. In one line – using Tekla, Pinnacle Team is getting more quality output with less effort.”

On a large scale project like San Manuel Casino, there are a number of stakeholders involved making collaboration a crucial component. With Trimble Connect, everyone involved in a project can see the big picture, right down to the tiniest detail - enabling informed decision making and enhancing project efficiency. Pinnacle team was able to identify and rectify clashes much ahead in the process, communicate tasks, coordinate with MEP contractors, review changes and do a lot more. 

Tekla solution has enabled the project team in several others way,

  • Custom Components from Tekla Warehouse: The executing team used various components and tools from Tekla Warehouse for embeds, anchors, studrails, layout points, etc. to reduce project time.
  • Maintaining quality through Master Drawing catalog: Instead of extracting drawing individually, the project team developed Master catalog settings by predefining the desired standards. In a single-click, the users created all 2D drawings possible according to the specified standards. The Master Drawing catalog is a fast, efficient and controlled way of creating drawings.

“Tekla Structures has helped us reduce the time consumed for the project to move forward. I can confidently say that by using Tekla, my team was able to complete the modeling within the strict deadline, focusing more on better quality output, no construction oversight and enhanced client satisfaction”

- Mr. Goutam Das, Project Delivery Head, Pinnacle Infotech.