xTOAPI Framework

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xTOAPI Framework
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Steel Tek Unlimited, LLC
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This is a framework we use to create plugins. It makes developing powerful complex user interfaces easy and quick.

Problem that app solves

We were spending too much time developing plugins that could use all of the Part, Weld, and Bolt attributes and for forms that used a lot of other controls.

Also, it was difficult to include a lot of information on a dialog in an organized way that was intuitive and easy to use.

It also allows us to create nested plugins without any limit to the depth of nesting of plugins inside plugins, even using the nested plugins forms for information gathering.


They love the plugins we created using our framework

Development project

This Framework was developed by Eric Torola and Mark Woodford of Steel Tek Unlimited.

It uses the Tekla OAPI. It solved some very large and complex productivity issues we were having developing plugins for miscellaneous metal modeling automation like stairs and railings.

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Eric Torola, Steel Tek Unlimited, LLC, U.S.

About the company - Steel Tek Unlimited, LLC

We do custom OAPI development for our customers. We have been developing with the OAPI for 10 years and have created several complex plugins for both the modeling and drawing environments.



Tekla API
Tekla Open API
Dev team
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2 years


xTOAPI Framework